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Big Dan's Big News March 28, 2010

BP's "top kill" method of stopping the oil spill does NOT seem to be working...

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico may have apocalyptic consequences, a report by the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources said.

Oil spill threatens 'total destruction'

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill trajectory ensemble forecast from different numerical models

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New hole found in the riser tube. It seems the riser tube is becoming perforated like Swiss cheese. Is the inside wall wearing away to tissue paper thickness ? This is the first kink in the riser tube just above the BOP. How long will it be that the riser tube totally disintegrates and a full force/full pressure blowout of methane gas and heavy crude oil goes gushing into the Gulf of Mexico. If this happens - then we will see an ecological catastrophe beyond all comprehensions.

The hole farthest to the right, with the darkest material coming out, was barely noticeable when the first started showing this image. Now it matches the other holes in material coming out.

And that begs the question - what is coming out? Why is every stream a different color? WTF?

And why are they no longer showing video of the end of the tube where the inserted the new tube to collect the oil?

New under water plume found to the west - miles wide, but no measurements yet - too big to survey. This is addition to the 3,000 foot thick, 6 mile wide and 22 mile long plume of oil and dispersants discovered yesterday to the east of the leak.

La. scientist locates another vast oil plume in the gulf

Right now, at the live feed, that new hole appears to be leaking the most. In fact all of the leaks appear larger than the ones in the photo at Anony's link!

How much more can that pipe take before it blow completely?

After staring at the video for awhile I count 7 holes in the pipe. 2 are in the background, one behind the plume on the right and one behind the plume second from the right.

And I still want to know what is going on at the end of the pipe - that is all they showed us for the last week, now nothing.
Why did they not show us then the leak they are showing now?

Still hiding something???

La. scientist locates another vast oil plume in the gulf

The prices here in Sacramento have dropped $0.24 in the last couple of days. The cheapest stations were at $2.99 for regular last weekend, now at $2.75. Some stations had been as high as $3.19 for regular.

More evidence that oil prices are rigged (note how they are not going up on a major holiday - for the first time, ever):

LIVE spillcam:

Watch live streaming video from wkrg_oil_spill at

It was like something blew up (approx. 9AM) or exploded this morning at the BOP at the BP gusher. See the video,.. at 2:59 on the video count up meter the action starts. Very little in the MSM about this event:

Americans are sick of multi-national corporations trashing OUR environment:

The Fireboat Three Forty Three Arrives in New York Harbor

Confederacy News:

ASS gets ASS tattooed on his ASS...or, "a little to the right"...he's from Kentucky...:

How about this idea: the guy should've put the tattoo so his asshole was Sarah Palin's mouth, and then film himself taking a nice loooooong CRAP, put it on youtube, and people will think it's Sarah Palin giving a speech!!!!!

GOP and the Tea Party's Policies Would Send Us Back a Half of a Century


CNN Apologizes After Airing Song With 'Nigga'

Small Faces - Whatcha Gonna Do About It?

Small Faces Biography:

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