Monday, May 24, 2010

Big Dan's Big News May 24, 2010

Pa. GOOBERnatorial candidate Tom Corbett is a "SMart Feller"...who looks like Leslie Nielsen!!!

Pa. attorney general and GOOBERnatorial candidate Tom Corbett, who happens to be a dead ringer for funnyman actor Leslie Nielsen of Naked Gun, Hot Shot, and Airplane movies (among his many comedies), issued a subpoena to find out the identity of an anonymous TWITTER account. The subpoena was subsequenty revoked, but not before cries of civil libertarians and the ACLU (and Tea Partiers???) about big government trying to squelch blogs TWATTING criticism of politicians who could use their office to strong-arm them, in particular Tom Corbett's critics of "bonusgate" (EASY!!! TWATTING is the past tense of TWITTING, no emails please!!!). The owner of the TWITTER account is supposedly the owner of the blog CasablancaPA, a critic of "bonusgate" whose traffic has surely skyrocketed thanks to Tom Corbett. Alienating the blogosphere against you when you're running for government isn't a smart thing to do. ALL the blogosphere will band together as ONE when this happens against ANY politician from ANY party. Did Tom Corbett revoke the subpoena because of the backlash of the blogosphere? It's too late for him now to say he'd never subpoena the identity of an anonymous internet critic...he already did it! And be on the lookout for Tom Corbett either getting a new hairstyle or dying his hair so we stop saying he looks like Leslie Nielsen. You OWN that look NOW, buddy! It'll be WORSE if you change it! Alienating the blogosphere against you during a GOOBERnatorial campaign is like FARTING during an interview on TV!

Crooks & Liars: As columnist Steve Lopez would say back when he used to cover my home state's politics: "Pennsylvania, Land of Giants." There are few ethics laws in PA, and the ones that exist are toothless. (And we don't have limits on campaign contributions. Nice, huh?)

Take, for instance, our state Attorney General Tom Corbett, a former lobbyist for Waste Management Inc. He just won the Republican nomination for governor, and guess what's first on his list?

Sending a subpoena to Twitter to force them to identify two of his critics.

PA Attorney General Tom Corbett Hopes To Ride A Wave of Sleaze to the Governor's Mansion

Orie indictment could raise questions about Corbett’s probe

Bonus allegations borderline slanderous, House GOP leader says


What has Tom Corbett done about this GOP petition fraudster???

Daily News: Can Corbett be unbiased in probe of Delco nominating petitions?

Bogie: Don't be a TWIT, Sam...I mean Tom...

TWIT it again, Sam...

You know how to whistle, right Tom???

DEVO and Jimmy Johnson are among others who have hair styles like Tom Corbett:

My friend and electronic voting machine watchdog Brad Friedman of The Brad Blog on RT: is Rand Paul and the "good" Tea Party ready for PRIME TIME???

Chicken costumes banned at Nevada polling places after Lowden's chicken quip

Len Hart: There is NO left wing in America. Of the two right wing parties, one is 'less bad'! American politics is like a one legged man! We never get anywhere! There is no debate! Just pundity, labels and what passes for wise-ass comments. I'm fed up with it.

Naomi Wolf learned that both parties are the enemy

Ron Paul: the ONLY Republican talking about cutting the biggest federal spending of all: WAR SPENDING!!!


U.S. soldiers kill old Iraqi man:

U.S. Attorney Threatens Taitz Over Unpaid $20,000 Fine for "frivolous filings"

The Big Picture: Why Is It So Hard to Stop the Oil Gusher, and Why Was Such Extreme Deepwater Drilling Allowed in the First Place?

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