Thursday, May 20, 2010

Big Dan's Big News May 20, 2010

Is British Petroleum (BP - foreign country) running the U.S. Coast Guard, stopping news coverage???

Nightmare scene as oil smothers Louisiana wetlands

Republican senator blocks higher liability cap on oil spills (does he work for BP???)

BP/Coast Guard threaten to arrest CBS for covering oil spill, fascism at it's best...BP & the Coast Guard??? Is BP running the Coast Guard??? Will BP order the U.S. Coast Guard to "take out" CBS???

Alarming: CBS threatened with arrest for covering BP oil spill !!!

'BP's Rules' video: Coast Guard threatens CBS News team with arrest

Heavy Sludge Oozes into Marshes of Louisiana - Governor Bobby Jindal Flew over Site and Reported "Heavy Oil;" CBS Cameras Turned Away by BP, Coast Guard

BP Stops the Flow of Information While Oil Gusher Continues

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Dylan Ratigan slams "snake oil salesmen and scumbags" Glenn Beck and Goldline; Rep Weiner calls for federal investigation into Glenn Beck and Goldline:

Rachel Maddow walks us through all the sex scandals from the "family values" Republicans Class of '94. The latest "family values" Republican caught, Souter, is actually on video tape being interviewed about "abstinence" with his part-time mistress!!! This is a MUST-SEE:

Funny (and sadly TRUE) Republican political ads - it's all BULLSHIT, folks: abortion, gays, guns, GOD, illegal immigrants, terrorists, "family values".........

First the REAL ad (which looks FAKE, it's so bizarre), then the Young Turks' take on it, then Bill Maher's take on a different Alabama GOP political attack ads between shit-kicking Confederates Roy Moore and Bradley Byrne:

Now Funny or Die's take on it:

Polo Club founder Goodman could face up to 30 years in prison if convicted

Trouble In Paradise, As The Rich Cull Their Own Ranks

Jail Has Reduced Allen Stanford To A Depressed, Half-Blind, 'Wreck Of A Man,' Says Lawyer

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