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Big Dan's Big News May 7, 2010

Is WILK's Steve Corbett being paid by the Republican Party to attack Democrats, or does he just do it on his own for FREE???

Special Commentary by Big Dan: "WILK's FAKE liberal Steve Corbett has never devoted a show or shows to attacking a Republican. He has done this many times to Democrats. Thursday, Corbett attacked Democrat Chuck Volpe for the entire show, because Volpe's company has a mandatory retirement age of 65. Even though the Republican Party is known to favor corporations over workers and the Democratic Party is know to favor workers over corporations, Steve Corbett chooses a Democrat to attack for this. That is the only reason age discrimination came up as a subject for him. If Chuck Volpe was a Republican, Corbett would either not bring up the issue or if he spoke about age discrimination he would not have mentioned Volpe. This is a pattern with Corbett. When Corbett devotes a show to being against Arizona's illegal immigrant law, he does NOT devote the show to linking it to Republican Lou Barletta or Republicans at all, even though Republicans are the ones making those laws. Steve Corbett has never attacked a Republican for hours on his show. Corbett says he voted for Democrat Paul Kanjorski over Republican Lou Barletta, but devotes all his hours to attacking Kanjorski and not Barletta. Corbett says he voted for Kanjorski, a sentence that takes 5 seconds to say, but has devoted hours and shows to attacking Kanjorski and has never done that to Lou Barletta....even though he had the opportunity to link Arizona's law to Barletta like he linked age discrimination to Chuck Volpe. Now, I am against age discrimination, but I know the game that Corbett plays: the only time he talks about something liberal, he will use it to attack a Democrat (like the age discrimination) and will never use a liberal sentiment to attack a Republican (like the illegal alien issue). So then he thinks he is getting away with his self-proclamation that he is a "liberal", which no one believes, because once in a while he is on the side of a liberal cause. He has never spent hours attacking Sarah Palin, George Bush, Dick Cheney, in fact I guess Steve Corbett doesn't think there are any corrupt Republicans, based on him never spending any time attacking any of them. This is FAKE liberal Steve Corbett's pattern. My question now is this: IS STEVE CORBETT BEING PAID BY THE GOP TO ATTACK DEMOCRATS.......or is he just doing it on his own for FREE??? If he's doing it for FREE, why is he doing it??? Corbett tries to get away with this charade and deception by once in a while saying thing like: 'I voted for Kanjorksi', 'I wrote a column about racism once', and the best one 'I voted for Jesse Jackson for president'...all the while exclusively devoting all his time to attacking Democrats only."

Now here's my next question: since WILK has no voices from the left in their entire lineup, is WILK a GOP operation like FOX "news"???

Breaking and Entering and Exiting: SWAT team storms Keith Sadler's home in predawn raid on day six of foreclosure occupation, Sadler in jail

Toledo Blade

STONY RIDGE, Ohio - Wood County sheriff's deputies arrested a Stony Ridge man Friday morning who has been holed up inside his foreclosed residence in an attempt to resist eviction.

Authorities carried Keith Sadler from his U.S. 20 home without incident as many protesters watched from the front of the structure. He was carried by his hands and feet and then placed into a Wood County sheriff's vehicle.

Mr. Sadler was being transported to the Wood County jail and protesters were following him there shortly after 8 a.m. Friday.

Lance Crandall, a spokesman for the Toledo Foreclosure Defense League, said about 4-5 protesters were arrested earlier at the scene. A live stream set up by Mr. Sadler shows several members of a SWAT team first arriving at the house at 3:28 a.m. Friday.

Early in the morning on day six of Keith Sadler's foreclosure occupation, a SWAT team enters the home and removes Sadler and the Stony Ridge Squatters. Capitalism, a love story, continues to break hearts at

While you're watching this, think of this question: WILL THE TEA PARTIERS PROTEST THIS, BIG GOVERNMENT AT ITS BIGGEST??? The answer from the "right" will be like the TASERS: they will ignore it or say that he deserved it!!! They're only against certain kinds of fascism...

Truthteller spills the beans on the Audit The FED legislation:

Audit the Fed Amendment Modified – Allows Fed To Keep Secrets

Schwarzenegger disenfranchising the TROOPS and HISPANIC voters:

Schwarzenegger May Disenfranchise Thousands of Overseas Troops with Early Special Election Date. June 22nd state Senate primary election date violates 45-day ballot requirement of federal law. UPDATED: County election officials 'outraged' by Governor's move...

Complaint Filed: CA Special Election Dates Will 'Disenfranchise Latinos' As Well as Troops. Hispanic voting rights advocates, Democrats, seeking federal injunction of Schwarzenegger's compressed election schedule...

Controlled American media now trying to link Osama Bin Laden to Iran, like they falsely linked Osama Bin Laden to Iraq...

Media promotes far-fetched ‘bin Laden in Iran’ report

Here's what the American media isn't telling you: Osama Bin Laden has been DEAD FOR YEARS! Here, Benazir Bhutto matter-of-factly says that everyone knows Bin Laden died years ago. Bhutto mysteriously died in a car bombing soon after. Osama Bin Laden is being used by the media, who speak for the military industrial complex, to keep scaring us into continual war for their profits!!! Wake up!!!

Weapons of Mass Deception - how the corporate owned media that wants us to think they're liberal, pushed us into the Iraq War. The corporate owned media serves the wealthy, the military industrial complex, and corporations. All of those aren't liberal. When you have the power and OWN the media, you use it to serve your interests. Such as war profiteering. Has the media merged with the military? -

BOMBSHELL! The Lobbying Media Complex

THE NATION MAGAZINE/Sebastian Jones: The Lobbying-Media Complex

At Media Matters' we've repeatedly pointed out the media's inability to consistently identify the conflicts of interest or note-worthy connections of contributors and guests on various cable news outlets as well as those quoted in major newspapers as experts. Years' worth of examples of past Media Matters research on the subject can be found at the end of this post.

The Nation's Sebastian Jones has an incredible piece out this week detailing the results of a four month investigation which found that, "[s]ince 2007 at least seventy-five registered lobbyists, public relations representatives and corporate officials -- people paid by companies and trade groups to manage their public image and promote their financial and political interests -- have appeared on MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, CNBC and Fox Business Network with no disclosure of the corporate interests that had paid them."

Will Kurtz, others cover bombshell Nation story on "The Lobbying-Media Complex"?

The Military Media, part of the FAKE liberal media.

MSNBC repeatedly hosts McCaffrey to discuss Afghanistan without disclosing his conflict of interest

One of the components of the "liberal media": the military industrial complex. I'm always harping here, that the corporate owned mainstream media that pretends to be liberal actually serves 3 things: the wealthiest few, corporations, and the military industrial complex. The SHAM they perpetrate is getting you to believe it's liberal.

Pentagon Pundits

The Terror-Industrial Complex

Pentagon Pundits - Blinded by the Right

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