Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Big Dan's Big News May 4, 2010


Special commentary by Big Dan: "I don't hear the corporate owned media we're supposed to think is liberal (owned by 90% conservatives) saying 'THE TREE HUGGERS WERE RIGHT!!!' about not trusting corporations who put profit before safety on everything wrecking our environment from the BP oil rig spill in the Gulf of Mexico to the Marcellus Shale drilling in Pennsylvania. Where is the phrase: 'THE TREE HUGGERS WERE RIGHT'??? From the 'liberal media'??? I invite the TEA PARTY to join the TREE HUGGERS against corporations ruining EVERYONE'S ENVIRONMENT, both TeaBaggers & TreeHuggers!!! The TeaBaggers can't possibly be for corporations ruining their environment where they live/fish/hunt, too, can they? Whaddya say, TEA BAGGERS??? Won't you join us TREE HUGGERS??? Why not? And I have a name suggestion for this group of joined forces, if you can't think of one: THE TEABAG HUGGERS!!! 2nd place: THE TREEBAGGERS!!! ......would you believe, THE TREE PARTY??? Big Oil is failing to get the oil spill off the front pages with THE TERRORIST!!!!!"

Profits before Safety - the impact of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, and holding the correct people responsible...very good "must see" video:

The Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: Some Background and What It Means


Rush Limbaugh and rightwing Republican media continue to ALWAYS be on the side of Big Oil, Wall St., corporations, the military industrial complex, and the wealthy. They're paying him a HALF BILLION dollar salary to do it!!! Here he is, defending BP for the oil spill...you could have COUNTED ON IT beforehand, Limbaugh siding with BP...he's probably for the Marcellus Shale drilling companies, too!!! Listen to Rush Limbaugh in a bumbling, stuttering frenzy, defend BP...he's like this because HE even knows it's wrong, and he's torn between his paid propaganda and knowing it's wrong and he's becoming the poster boy for the wealthy corporations ruining our environment...he says here that there's no crisis, the nature will clean it up naturally...DRILL BABY DRILL...watch him having trouble reading the script BP put in front of his face:

GOD hates New Orleans:

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Corporate Media's Role in Environmental Denialism

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Bill Moyers' final broadcast:

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