Thursday, May 6, 2010

Big Dan's Big News May 6, 2010

Cabot Oil and Gas: You can "trust" Them with purifying your water !!!

DEP secretary, Dimock Twp. families discuss water solution; Cabot Oil to install water purifiers

NEPA: Here's a good one: the same irresponsible companies that contaminated families' water are now being "trusted" to install systems to make their water safe! Now I've heard it all! Oh, this time they're not going to screw you! LOL! My next prediction (I seem to be good at these predictions): THE SYSTEMS TO MAKE YOUR WATER SAFE DON'T WORK!!! I have some advice for families anywhere near Marcellus Shale drilling: YOU are FUCKED and MOVE! They wrecked your paradise! Have them install a system to monitor your families for CANCER daily, not a system to clear your water up. Same thing with off shore drilling: "TRUST THEM"! When will people learn that corporations always put profits before safety?

"Cabot Oil and Gas Corp. must install methane elimination systems in the families' homes so the families have time to propose an alternate water replacement option."

Hey, I'm sure Cabot Oil, the same irresponsible company who contaminated your water, will do a "solid" job on clearing up your water going forward. "Trust them"! They're not even admitting it was their fault in the goddamn article! Wake up!!!

"Cabot maintains that the methane in the water is naturally occurring and was present in Susquehanna County water wells long before any drilling began."

So they're still lying! Why would they agree to "clear up the water" (wink wink) if they weren't responsible?

UPDATE 2-Cabot Oil to plug 3 Marcellus gas wells, pay fine

Cabot Oil & Gas’s Marcellus Drilling to Slow After PA Environment Officials Order Wells Closed

November 2009: Pennsylvania Tells Drilling Company to Clean Up Its Act

Here's the guy from Cabot Oil who's installing your water purifiers:

In other news, you can also trust off shore drilling...

DRILL, BABY, DRILL !!! The 2008 Republican National Convention:

Oh, and you can trust TASERS, too !!! They only kill 1% of the people !!! Wait until someone you know, a family member or friend, dies from being TAZED by a cop and they tell you, "Gee! They're 99% safe!"

Look at that kid! He's an enthusiastic teenage Phillies fan running around with a Phillies championship banner and he got TAZED, and there's people on the radio saying he deserved it. BULLSHIT !!!!!! SHAME on the cops AND the people on the radio endorsing this excessive force!!! And I'm proven RIGHT, because the Phillies have just said they don't want the cops on the field anymore...SO THERE!!!

In the first video here, listen to the idiots saying the Phillies were laughing...THEY WEREN'T! The Phillies players should go BALLISTIC about these BOZO's saying they were laughing!!! Baseball players always talk through their gloves, any baseball fan knows this! WHO is laughing? The BOZO announcers!!! If I were the Phillies, I would demand these announcers retract their statements that the Phillies players were laughing, because there's a lot of comments on the negative towards the Phillies players BASED ON THESE JERKS SAYING THEY WERE LAUGHING AT THE KID BEING TAZED!!!

Why are these JACKASS announcers saying the Phillies players are laughing at the kid being TAZED? They aren't! And the Phillies ball players are getting a lot of negative comments around the internet about this:

Watch these excessive force TASER videos:

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