Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Big Dan's Big News May 12, 2010 - not much rapping going on

Steve Corbett exposed:

He's almost there with the suit 'n tie...lose the ponytail and WILK FOX "news" Jr.'s self-proclaimed "liberal" Steve Corbett is a Republican!

My theory about FAKE liberal Steve Corbett and WILK FOX "news" Jr. is so rock solid, that I'm simply going to give you the link to it, rather than cut/paste it here need to alter it!!! In fact, Corbett has gone even further infuego with his exclusive attacks on Democrats only and ignoring liberals, with the primaries heating up. He says he doesn't vote for Republicans because of their conservative agenda, yet NEVER devotes time and shows to attacking Republicans (HOURS and SHOWS for WEEKS, Steve, not SENTENCES like "I don't vote for Republicans"...OH! But you did vote for McCain/Palin!!!). If Corbett is a liberal, why does he devote ZERO TIME/HOURS and SHOWS to attacking any Republicans??? And why does Corbett/WILK let Frank Scavo have free air time all the time as a "caller" (wink wink) when he's running for an office??? There is not ONE Republican ever, worth "liberal" Steve Corbett to attack for an entire show(s). What if he just says he doesn't vote for conservatives, so no one points out he's a shill for the GOP devoting all his air time to exclusively attacking Democrats??? Why does Corbett go out of his way to say he's a liberal so much all the time? Ever hear of the phrase: "Thou dost protest too much"? When someone keeps saying something too much, the opposite is true? How many liberals go around saying they're a liberal...ALL...THE...TIME??? None! And he gets a job on a rightwing channel??? With Rush Limbaugh and Mike Savage and the whole gang? How about when THE liberal icon Cindy Sheehan came to his own backyard Scranton a few weeks ago and he wasn't there? That doesn't make any sense, does it? What if I told you I was a Republican??? Would you believe me? Why not? BECAUSE I ATTACK REPUBLICANS ALL THE TIME, YOU IDIOT!!! No one would believe me if I said that! But at least I'm not tricking you, you know this. But then why would you believe Steve Corbett is a liberal? The proof is in the pudding: he uses all his air time to only attack Democrats, there is no debating that point...he fits in well with Entercom's WILK FOX "news" Jr.  -  Steve Corbett exposed.



Big Dan's CRACK investigative reporter Agent99...who's also ON crack...found two black Republicans.....

Daily Bail found a black Republican:

Black Republican 1

NYTimes investigative team unearths Black Republican:

Black Republican 2

I hope it's not the SAME GUY!!!!!!!!!!!

Now there's at least TWO black Republicans to freestyle rap at the next CPAC convention.

Not much rapping going on:

FLASHBLACK: The Last Black Republican: JC Watts 2002 - 10 year anniversary celebration extravaganza of no black Republicans in the house or senate will be commemorated in 2012 elections by the RNC hanging JC Watt's jersey from the rafters.....

JC Watts: the GOP shows Watts from different camera angles at RNC events to make it seem like there's more than one black person at events.

Republicans To Retire Watt's Jersey at Convention

When will the stupidity stop??? Are the "Kids for Cash" NEPA judges going for secondary counts of STUPIDITY? Did they think no one was watching them? "Kids for Cash" judges get caught on wiretap:

Above: Kids for Cash "judges" Conahan & Ciavarella...better known as Abbott & Costello. "HEY, ABBOTT!!! DEY WUZ LISTENING TO US TALKIN'!!!" And just think: these two circus clowns were JUDGING US!!!!! Pssssst.....hey you two guys: I don't think they're listening to you anymore....why don't you call each other on the phone or speak to some "chums" about your schemes again??? NO WAY are they watching you after this! Actually, I think their conversations "live stream" via webcam on the internet...

Kids-for-cash judges Mark A. Ciavarella Jr. and Michael T. Conahan schemed to commit perjury with a co-conspirator who paid them more than $700,000 in kickbacks, unaware that he was secretly recording their conversations, federal prosecutors allege in a brief filed Tuesday.

"I never got the cash from anybody. That's the story. And you'd better stick to it," Conahan told Robert J. Powell, according to a transcript included in the brief.

Transcripts reveal game plan

Read the wiretap transcript.

Read the filing.

Read the list of evidence.

Copy THIS!!!!!!!!!

CBS: Exposed - copy machines at work actually have a hard drive in them and have saved every copy ever made: your personal copies, your social security #, private information:

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Is Your Printer Spying On You?

List of Printers Which Do or Do Not Display Tracking Dots

Oil on their Hands: BP in blame game over worst US eco disaster ever

Training that makes killing civilians acceptable

Josh Stieber: In boot camp we trained with songs that joked about killing women and children

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