Friday, May 14, 2010

Big Dan's Big News May 14, 2010

The Republican Party: the party of "BOSS TUBE"...not the party of Lincoln anymore -

The GOP chickens out from having their RNC convention in Arizona, even though the party backs Arizona's illegal immigration law. California cities boycott millions of dollars worth of deals with Arizona, other events in Arizona cancelled...could cost Arizona 90 million dollars and "near economic crisis" for Arizona:

This went viral on the internet after I posted it yesterday, it deserves another post:

6 moves to Kevin Bacon...Glenn Beck has Nazi Tourette's!!!!!!!!

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Back in Black - Glenn Beck's Nazi Tourette's
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The Stooges are trying another DOME to block the BP oil rig "spill": "Hey, Moe! The first DOME didn't woik (work), let's try a smaller DOME!!!!!"

There Will Be Blame - As BP comes up with new solutions for the oil spill by scrambling letters, the government tries to figure out how it happened.

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There Will Be Blame
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BP And Goldman Sachs: Gambling With Your Money from their Ivory Towers

Special Commentary by Big Dan: "I'm not even paying attention to the Kagan nomination for the Supreme Court and all the false attacks on her and all the actual legitimate attacks NOT being brought up. Been there, done that. Seen it before: Sotomayor. Same exact attacks. Ridiculous!!! Obama nominated Kagan, she's going to get in, and that's it. Waste of time. If Kagan doesn't get in, then the Kansas City Royals are going to win the World Series...not that there's anything wrong with the Kansas City Royals, mind you...btw...I put this picture in my special commentary instead of the 'wigger' picture, because my crack reporter who's on crack, Agent99, ...really is on crack!!! She said I look 'downright handsome' in this picture, so she must be on crack!!! And the Red Sox hat? That's not something recent just because they finally won the World Series after 100 years. I liked the Red Sox since I was 4 years old, I was brainwashed! A lot of my relatives live in New England, they took me to a Red Sox doubleheader  against the Cleveland Indians in at Fenway in 1972 when I was 10 years old. I saw Luis Tiant pitch! I had to live through the Curse of the Babe, the ball going through Buckner's legs, Bucky Dent, Fisk's home run which ended up not meaning anything, blowing a 14 game lead in '78 to the I deserve to wear that Red Sox hat! Especially after they cameback from a 3-0 series deficit, and a bottom of the 9th deficit in game 4 of the 2004 AL championship series against the Yankees to win 4 straight...the biggest collapse in baseball history!!!"

And from AgentBB2's blog:

The War Game is an Academy Award-winning documentary on nuclear warfare that was made by Peter Watkins in 1965 and was subsequently suppressed by the BBC until 1985. It remains largely unknown despite its historical importance, its high quality, and the looming gravity of its subject.

War Game 1965:

Special Commentary II by Big Dan: "I gave TWO hat tips today to Agent99 and AgentBB2. Everyone knows I'm against 'hat tips', because I STEAL STUFF and DON'T 'give credit where credit is due'...I'm against that 'saying' enjoy it while it lasts!!!"

Another clip from Beerfest:

Corbett's Coroner:

''s like Pete Hamill and Hunter S. Thompson had a love child. A giant, hairy, love child.'

"Our" Steve Corbett leaning against his Jeep in California...when he was "their" Steve Corbett...when he FORSOOKED "hard coal country" and "our community" for "their community"...and then came back to "our community" and started up his schtick here.......again.......................I wonder if Ruppert Murdoch has anything to do with Entercom???

Check out "our" FAKE liberal Steve Corbett when he was "their" FAKE liberal Steve Corbett out in California, being "hounded' by Triumph the insult comic dog @ 5:00 in this video, while he was covering the Michael Jackson trial for Rupert Murdoch's Sky News...YES, THAT Rupert Murdoch who owns both FOX "news" AND Sky News:

When he wasn't inciting people over here, he was inciting people over there...

Santa Maria Times letters to the editor: "The First Amendment gives Corbett the right to say what he wants. It gives him the right to be a racist and a bigot. It does not give him the right to a public platform to espouse his hateful views. Corbett must now go. I know these are very strong words; his words were equally strong. Mr. Corbett played his racist card. Now it/s time for him to fold.

Rupert Murdoch/Sky News:

Don't eat Potassium Chlorate with Gummy Bears:

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