Monday, May 10, 2010

Big Dan's Big News May 10, 2010

Senator Sanders Unfiltered: Real Financial Reform, Now! You would think this is Ron Paul instead of Bernie Sanders!

Battle for Canada oil

(does this sound like when people check out Marcellus Shale drilling???)

Pro-Israeli SHILL Joe Lieberman, Senator from Israel, Looks to Strip the Citizenship of 1 Million Americans Without Charge or Trial

Lieberman Can't Give A Straight Answer On Need For Stripping Citizenship Law

FLASHBACK: Senator Lieberman from Israel pushes Iran NUKE MYTH on behalf of his real constituents (one's not us Americans!!!):

FLASHBACK: Lieberman-(I) and McCain rush to Israel's Lieberman at all concerned with Americans? Everything he says and does is for Israel!!! Name ONE thing he's doing for Americans???

Special Commentary by Big Dan: "The NYC 'bomber' is just another excuse to take more liberties away from us like 9/11 was used to install The Patriot Act and get us into more wars for the military industrial complex. Bush and Obama are on the same page on this. After initial reports that said the bomber acted alone, now Eric Holder is saying that the Taliban and Pakistan 'financed' it. They financed buying some BBQ propane tanks, a used vehicle from Craigslist, and a bag of fertilizer? I could've done that on unemployment!!! What kind of bullshit is this??? And do you honestly believe he bought the wrong kind of fertilizer? Come on!!! Funny we happen to have an undeclared war going on against Pakistan and all the latest 'terrorists' are from Pakistan. The latest 'terrorists' are always from the next country we want to go to war with, and the other ones 'disappear'. When we were trying to go to war with Iraq and Afghanistan, there were no 'terrorists' from Pakistan. WHO is telling you to say that, Eric? Why aren't you busy reversing everything unconstitutional from the Bush administration, instead of perpetuating it? We need to hold to the liberties of the Constitution EXACTLY when things are at their worst, not when things are going well. That is EXACTLY what the Constitution is for!!! Ben Franklin said that those who would trade some liberty for some freedom...DESERVE NEITHER!!! So when there's 'terrorists', we should trash the constitution??? This was an excuse to ram in more cameras in NYC and take away more American citizens' privacy."

AGAIN...I stand by my statement that you will realize the government and media's official 9/11 story is a SHAM and the 9/11 Commission was a cover up, after you watch these EXPERT FIREFIGHTERS, ENGINEERS, & ARCHITECTS explode the MYTHS of 9/11:

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