Saturday, May 22, 2010

Big Dan's Big News May 22, 2010

Why aren't they taking this guy out???

I can't believe Dylan Ratigan isn't kicked off the air. Why are they letting him speak the truth on TV???

Why isn't Dylan Ratigan taken down off TV for speaking the truth???

Dylan Ratigan again...PROOF that Big Oil OWNS the U.S. government???

JFK spoke openly about secret societies running everything, this is exactly why he got shot:

You can’t fight two wars for this long, while going through one of the worst recessions this country has ever seen, and not go deep in debt.

Wars top ONE TRILLION mark!!!

You won't see THIS on the major "news" networks: The REAL News interviews the Iraqi Shoe Thrower, the guy who threw his shoes at Bush:

Why the GOP Plots to Steal Social Security

Here's Bush when he was pimping privatizing social security: a GOP hallmark. McCain did it, too. Notice no one says: "What would've happened to our social security in this financial crisis, if Bush privatized social security?" No stories in the "media" about it, either. Funny, huh? If it's a "liberal media"!

George Bush: You have nothing to worry about:

Police tried to suppress local news from airing video of them kicking and beating innocent Latino man:

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