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Big Dan's Big News May 17, 2010

Israel suppresses Chomsky's free speech, what are they afraid of??? Now you know what I've been saying forever: Israel wants to control what's said about them, and they have ultra control over the U.S. media, too. Their actions here are no different from their actions over what's said about them in the U.S. media.

Denied Entry: Israel Blocks Noam Chomsky from Entering West Bank to Deliver Speech

On Sunday afternoon, Noam Chomsky was stopped by Israeli border guards at the Allenby Bridge border crossing from Jordan. After over three hours of questioning, Chomsky’s passport was stamped with "Denied Entry." He was scheduled to deliver a lecture at Bir Zeit University near Ramallah and was scheduled to meet with Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad. No reason was initially given for the decision, but the Interior Ministry later told Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz that officials were now trying to get clearance from the Israel Defense Forces. Noam Chomsky joins us now from Amman, Jordan.

Israel Interrogates Chomsky, Denies Entry into West Bank to Give Talk @ University

Noam Chomsky denied entry into Israel: report

Denied Entry: Israel Blocks Noam Chomsky from Entering West Bank to Deliver Speech

Norman Finkelstein: Israel being exposed and feels threatened

Is anyone outraged like I am about this? Why aren't Republicans opposing this:

Obama wants $205 million for Israel rocket shield

Israeli Wiretappers, the NSA, and 9/11: Are Members of the U.S. Govt Being Blackmailed by Israel and Others via Wiretaps?

I have posted Noam Chomsky's "Manufacturing Consent" here at BDBB at least 25 separate occasions:

George Carlin brings TRUTH to the masses using comedy: George Carlin Talks War And American Politics

Carlin: Elections are so you have an illusion that you have "choice" have no choice! The owners of this country and the politicians go to the same country clubs, have the same interests, they don't have to "call a meeting"...everything that's important has been reduced: 2 political parties, a few big banks, a few big insurance companies, a few big media companies..........

Training that makes killing civilians "acceptable" -

Rightwing media about the BP oil spill disacster: "It's natural!" "Where's the oil?" It's not happening!

The thought just crossed my mind: DO FOX "news" VIEWERS EVEN KNOW THERE'S A HUGE OIL SPILL IN THE GULF OF MEXICO??? What if they don't even know it!!! LOL!!! Some polling agent should IMMEDIATELY poll FOX "news" viewers and find out if they know about the oil spill. But they shouldn't phrase it: "Do you know about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico???", because that would be a giveaway and they might say "YES". It would have to be phrased something like: "Did you hear about what's going on in the Gulf of Mexico? Then what is it?"...or..."Is there an oil spill somewhere? Then where is it?" No, that would give away that there's an oil spill somewhere.......How about: "Is there something going on out of the ordinary on a large scale in this hemisphere???" ....nah, they wouldn't know what "hemisphere" means........

Brit Hume Shrugs Off Oil Spill: ‘Where Is The Oil?’

60 Minutes: Critical equipment damaged weeks before blowout

Oil spill wandering around the Gulf of Mexico. Interactive video of location.

BP Covers Their Ass with "Phantom Test"

Class Warfare: Hundreds Protest Outside Bankers' Houses In DC

The activist conservative Supreme Court: $upreme Corporate Court of America?

The U.S. system of "checks and balances" is meant to provide liberty and justice for all, but some claim it no longer works. Big business has become so influential, that the reality seems now to be "justice for some". And as RT's Kristine Frazow reports, it appears there's a power covering up for corporate interests.

Schwarzenegger's budget is a blow to the poor. The governor unveils a proposal that would cut the welfare-to-work program and reduce child care for the needy. 'California no longer has low-hanging fruits,' he says.

11 Hidden Household Dangers

Kids who fib get to the top of the pile

Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer

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