Saturday, May 1, 2010

Big Dan's Big News May 1, 2010

Special TAXES rant by Big Dan: "Did you ever use logic and realize that the IRS already knows what your tax return should be and therefore you shouldn't have to do it? They must know, or how could they know you cheated or did something wrong? They'd take you at your word, if they didn't know ahead of time. It's a 'test'.  If you cheat in your favor, they'll correct it and say you owe more money. Right? Then why do you have to do your taxes? They should just send you a letter saying you either owe them money, or they owe you money. Oh, I forgot...if you make a mistake in their favor, they won't tell you and they make extra money. That's why you have to do your taxes!!!"

PHONY paranoid rightwing political "oracles" - comedy troupe Kids In The Hall prophesized them in 1994 - Glenn Beck got his entire schtick from this Dave Foley skit:

Here's the entire skit from the 1994 TV comedy show "Kids In The Hall"

Scene from the Kids In The Hall movie "Brain Candy" -


Palin's "drill, baby, drill" mantra part of Fox's pro-offshore drilling endorsement - Beck repeatedly touted offshore drilling - Gingrich: "Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less" - Other Fox figures also call for increased offshore drilling - Hosts touted myth that drilling is safe because no oil spilled during Katrina, Rita - Fox News hosts spread seepage myth - Cavuto hid lobbying ties of offshore drilling proponent Lott

Document: BP didn't plan for major oil spill

"Drill, baby, drill": Fox News' environmental catastrophe

Conservative media have claimed that Arizona's new immigration law only allows law enforcement to question a person's immigration status if they are suspected of an unrelated offense. But in a statement given to Media Matters for America, a research analyst for the Arizona House Republican majority disputes these claims. AZ law: "For any lawful contact" with a person, police shall attempt to determine immigration status if they suspect the person is undocumented. Conservative media claim AZ law requires "lawful contact" based on "unrelated offenses" (that is NOT in the law..."unrelated offenses") before officer checks legal status - FALSE!!!!!! "Lawful contact" does NOT have anything to do with "unrelated offenses", police can question anyone's status...for no other reason except that they themselves think a person not breaking any laws is an "illegal immigrant"!!! Pretty vague, huh? If a policeman thinks a person who appears not to be breaking any laws is an illegal immigrant...the only possible criteria is if the policeman thinks the person is Hispanic (dark skin).....


EXCLUSIVE: AZ Leg. staffer disputes conservatives' "lawful contact" claims about immigration law

Not a PEEP in the corporate owned media they want us to think is "liberal" about this:

Over 10,000 protesters gathered in New York's financial district to demand financial reform.

I'm going to post this video until I'm blue in the face: the corporate owned media is NOT liberal. Corporations aren't liberal. The media OWNERS aren't liberal. 90% of the mainstream media is OWNED by conservatives.

Noam Chomsky says the media isn't liberal, Rush Limbaugh says it is...'NUFF SAID!!!!!!!!

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