Thursday, January 24, 2008

Vigo From Ghostbuster's II (Fred Thompson) Drops Out Of Presidential Race

Actor Fred Thompson (left) as "Vigo" the evil Carpathian in "Ghostbuster's II" (right).

Actor/Republican politician Fred Thompson showed the most energy he's shown so far during his bid to win the Republican nomination for '08 president, by waking up from his bed, announcing that he's dropping out of the race, then rolling back over and going back to sleep. The low-energy, "folksie" Thompson, whom Richard Nixon once called "dumb as hell", is known for acting in the series "Law & Order", filling in for Nazi media propagandist Paul Harvey, and playing the evil Carpathian "Vigo" in the movie "Ghostbusters II".

Ghostbusters vs Vigo the carpathian (yeah! i know! it's in another language! just watch this and then watch the next one! this one's short! but it's the only one i could find! so shut up and watch it!)

The Ghostbusters vs. the evil Fred Thompson aka "Vigo the Carpathian":


Fred Thompson blogging about stepping down from the presidential race:

"It ain’t no eclipse, it’s my head blockin the sunset as I ride off"
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