Saturday, January 19, 2008

Big Dan's Big News Jan 19, 2008

Women Packer fans! Get yer Green Bay Packer "cheesehead bra" for the big Packer/Giant game this weekend! Click on picture! I wonder what the GIANTS have for sale for women??? (h/t to z for pix & news, thanks, man!)

· McClatchy Election Blog Stories: "Hot Off The Trail"; Politics are heated in South Carolina: the Confederate flag controversy reappears, and Rep. Jim Clyburn comments on the 'race factor. Back in D.C., Republican Miss. Gov Haley Barbour takes a swipe at John Edwards who 'reminds him' of China's Chairman Mao. Giuliani defends himself about 'bad radios' on 9/11.

· Pentagon Explores 'Human Fear' Chemicals; Scare-Sensors, 'Contagious' Stress in the Works?

· Congressman calls hearing after White House report shows 473 days of email 'missing'. Sixteen days of email missing from Cheney's office (bd: HINT: They're LYING again!!!)

· Don’t Buy The Right-Wing Hysteria On China

· Following Podhoretz’s Lead, Right Wing Continues Push For ‘Bombing Campaign’ Against Iran ‘Now’

· Why Stock Market's Selloff Is Likely to Continue

· Bear Market Looms As Major Indexes Keep Falling

· Is Bush’s proposal enough? A stimulus package would certainly help household budgets. But it's not clear how much it would help the economy.

· Stocks close down despite stimulus plan

· Tax rebates: Where's your check? Lawmakers are still working out final details on cutting checks to all Americans to fight recession.

· Recession fear takes root

· Deep problems plague U.S. economy, stimulus plans notwithstanding. The economic growth package being prepared by President Bush and Congress may help ease the sting of an economic downturn or soften the blow of a recession, but it won't fix the deeper structural problems that are menacing the economy.

· Wealthy may be next in line in home crisis

· An executive of a collapsed subprime mortgage lender jumped to his death from a bridge Friday, shortly after his wife's body was found inside their New Jersey home, authorities said.

· Fund stops investor withdrawals. Commercial property can take a long time to sell. A rush to withdraw money from its commercial property funds has forced Scottish Equitable to introduce delays of up to 12 months for its customers.

· Bush Stimulus Plan Includes $1,600 Rebate, People Say (bd: The "quick fix" before he gets the fuck out, after ruining our economy! And recently lying, saying our economy is "solid" just 2 weeks ago!!! Remember, ONE TANK OF GAS = $45!!!!!!!!!! And it was < $20 when he took office in 2000!!!!!!!!!!!!)

· EXPERTS SAY taunting wasn't only factor in deadly Christmas day tiger attack (bd: Yeah, how about the "The Tiger Shouldn't Be Able To Get Out Of His Enclosure Factor" factor???).


Local soldier laid to rest, died from wounds in Afghanistan:

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