Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Big Dan's Big News Jan 2, 2008

· Why McClatchy Newspapers "Get It Right" Compared To Other Newspapers; When it comes to covering the war in Iraq, McClatchy Newspapers has always done things a bit differently. The third-largest newspaper company in the US, it owns thirty-one daily papers, including The Miami Herald, The Sacramento Bee, The Kansas City Star, and The Charlotte Observer. (It became the owner of some of these papers after buying Knight Ridder newspapers in 2006.) McClatchy has a large bureau in Washington, but without a paper either in the capital or in New York, it operates outside the glare of the nation's political and media elite, and this has freed it to follow its own path. In the months leading up to the Iraq war, when most news organizations were dutifully relaying the Bush administration's claims about the threat posed by Iraq, Knight Ridder/McClatchy ran several stories questioning their accuracy.

· McClatchy's "Inside Iraq" is a blog updated by Iraqi journalists working for McClatchy Newspapers. They are based in Baghdad and outlying provinces. These are firsthand accounts of their experiences. Their complete names are withheld for security purposes.

· Returning Iraqis face lack of services, property disputes; Millions of Iraqis who fled the bombs and ambushes in 2006 and 2007 are choosing between the rising costs of displacement and the painful memories of home. For 2008, those choices will become even more difficult as Iraqi officials work to woo them back to their neighborhoods, whether services and security are ready or not.

· Oil Ends Year 57% Higher Than At Start Of Year

· Bush has claimed an intense interest and outrage at the situation in Sudan, going so far as to call killings in Darfur “genocide” in 2005. Yet his signature on the legislation yesterday was accompanied by a signing statement, in which he reserved the right to “overrule” divestment decisions if they conflict with administration foreign policy. The New York Times notes:

· Spokesman: Fox News may have bias against Ron Paul

· Journalist Tells Congress About Suicide Epidemic Among Vets; Health and Wellness: A testimony at congressional hearings in response to increasingly ominous reports of soldier and veteran suicides.

· Dozens Burned Alive As Post-Election Violence Continues In Kenya

· Obama, Cozy with Corporate Lobbyists, Risks Much with Edwards Attack; Election 2008: Obama, all-too-cozy with corporate lobbyists, is wading into dangerous erritory.

· Kucinich urges supporters to back Obama on second Iowa ballot

· Last Minute Moves In Iowa - Kucinich Urges Supporters To Back Obama, Nader Supports Edwards
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