Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Big Dan's Big News Jan 9, 2008

· NH Primary: Pre-Election Polls Wildly Different Than Results Announced for Clinton/Obama. Other Pre-Election Numbers, For Republicans and Rest of Dems, Nearly Dead on the Money...

· NH PRIMARY DISINFO ALERT: 'Problems' with Paper Ballots in State Inaccurately Reported by National Mainstream Media! Reports of 'Voter Fraud' in Dixville Notch, Dem Ballots Unavailable to Voters, Both Debunked by The BRAD BLOG. Though Reasons Remain for Concern About Tabulation on Diebold Machines...

· 2008 New Hampshire State Primary Results

· Subject: Test your skills against the local computer repair store guy. How does your analysis of this voting machine's innards match up to his? NEW HAMPSHIRE: This voting machine is counting 81% of the votes Jan. 8, 2008 in the presidential primary. A sole source private contractor run by John Silvestro has inside access to the chips (maintenance, repairs, tech support) and programs the memory cards. Contribute your insights, discuss your thoughts about what you see. In the videos, we tell the technician about the custom of sending voting machines home with poll workers for "sleepovers" before elections. Since we are mentioning New Hampshire, it should be noted that New Hampshire does NOT do sleepovers; many other states have been doing sleepovers, among them California and Washington. Will have links to four videos when all are uploaded.

· Last fall, with the help of some New Hampshire citizens, Black Box Voting began working on a "New Hampshire Chain of Custody" project, in which we identified some of the areas of concern that might affect many jurisdictions at once. First on the list is LHS Associates, a vendor with inside access to every memory card in New Hampshire, as well as to the chips containing the "brain" of the Diebold optical scan machines.


· Exit Polls: Clinton Wins Women, Dems; Obama Wins Men, Independents

· Clinton Spin: "It's A Two-Person Race" ... Obama Spin: "We're On To South Carolina"

· Pentagon Official: Surge Has No More Than A ‘50-50′ Chance Of Success


· Worldwide Coverage of the Sibel Edmonds Bombshell! And in the United States of

· Federal magistrate orders White House to provide e-mail info

· Schwarzenegger warns of painful cuts

· White House ups rhetoric on Iran

· Ron Paul’s Old Newsletters Filled With Bigotry And Conspiracy Theories
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