Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Big Dan Shows "SICKO" At Big Dan's House (re-post/update)

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(Left to right: deedee the head of Operation Democracy for Luzerne County, middle activist Tim Grier signing something, right Carl Romanelli of the Green Party)

On behalf of Operation Democracy, we had a viewing of Michael Moore's "SICKO" at Big Dan's house. Yes, it was my turn to do something! There were about 15 people there, most of them were also on the "Troops Out Now" anti-war protest we went to in Washington DC during the summer.

We started the evening off, with my wife burning the popcorn! The microwave was full of smoke, so I left it closed and took it out to the driveway...THEN opened it and let all the smoke out. The arriving guests were greeted by a microwave in my driveway!

We had drinks, popcorn, peanuts, cookies...and then sat down and watched "SICKO". Afterwards, there was lots of excellent political discussion and also discussion about the movie "SICKO". It was not about the Democrats, Republicans, Green Party, Luzerne County politics, etc...but simply to view the movie "SICKO". Of course, after the movie, discussion turned to those other subjects and there were petitions, delegate signatures, etc...

I know everyone had a great time, and it was a lot of fun!

I would appreciate anyone who was there, using the comments for this post, to let everyone know their thoughts on the event, and if they are looking forward to another movie at Big Dan's house!

Note: I took ONE picture, and this is it! I hate taking pictures, so I put it off until later. Then I forgot to take more pictures! GODDAMMIT!!!

Next time!

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Although our Operation Democracy is not affiliated with any party, Carl Romanelli of the Green Party attended Big Dan's Garden Party showing of the movie "SICKO"! I believe that all voices are welcome into our group, and he does share a lot of our progressive views. Here's a trailer from a film about Carl, called "It Ain't Easy Being Green":

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