Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Big Dan's Big News Jan 15, 2008

(Antarctica Wave)

· 'Send Lawyers, Peace and Money': New Hampshire Election Contests Get Technical, Testy Before They Even Begin. Election Integrity Experts Converge and Join Both Republican and Democratic Candidates in Quest for Transparency. New Hampshire Secretary of State Questioned About Documentation, Poll Records and Diebold Memory Cards...

· Eternal Vigilance: Not Just for Founding Fathers Anymore. Or, Counting Voters' Ballots in American Elections, and Other 'Conspiracy Theories'. Or, the Mainstream Media and the 'Progressive' Blogworld...One Big Happy Family...With Liberty and Democracy for None...

· US drafting plan to allow government access to any email or Web search

· National Guard reservist who grew up in Luzerne County NEPA was IED victim in Afghanistan.

· Outside Baghdad, ‘Surge’ Failing Badly. Highly touted increase in U.S. troops impetus for surge in civilian casualties

· Intrigue Uncovered in Bhutto’s Murder. Once again an all-too-familiar hand is caught stirring the pot in Pakistan

· Reporter: Giuliani tossed my crying baby 'like a football'

· Big Brother Spying on Americans' Internet Data? AT&T Whistleblower Describes Secret Room That Sends Internet Data to Government (bd: If you know this, why is it a stretch that private e-vote companies aren't also in bed with our government???)

· (bd: WE WON!!! Then let's go home!!!) McCain Declares Victory In Iraq: De-Baathification Law Means ‘We’re Succeeding Politically’

· Texans report seeing UFO (bd: I guess the Republicans are going to win Texas again…)

· (bd: Activist Supreme Court says...) No right to experimental drugs for dying patients: Supreme Court

· VOTE FRAUD! Both in New Hampshire and Iowa, Ron Paul supporters allege foul play

· A recent poll found only 12 percent in Saudi Arabia view Bush positively - lower than Iran's president or even al-Qaida chief Osama bin Laden - and more think warmly toward Iran than America.

· PRESIDENT BUSH IS ALLOWING Mexican truckers to roam freely throughout the United States, with sleepy drivers, bad brakes and thin tires, in defiance of a new law passed by Congress.

· Right Wing Propagates New Smear Against Obama, Says He Is Muslim ‘Apostate’ Who Will Be ‘Executed’

· An exit poll carried out on behalf of a U.S. government-backed foundation indicates that Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki was defeated in last month's disputed election rather than being re-elected as he claims, according to officials with knowledge of the document. The poll by the Washington-based International Republican Institute — which hasn't been publicly released — further undermines an election result that many international observers have described as flawed. The outcome has sparked protests and ethnically driven clashes that have killed hundreds.

· Citigroup on Tuesday cut its quarterly dividend 41 percent, and said it is raising $14.5 billion from offerings of convertible preferred securities.

· Wal-Mart opens smaller grocery stores as test

· Report: Sprint to cut thousands more jobs

· Greenspan joins subprime-savvy hedge fund

· Oversight Committee to Examine Mortgage CEO Severance Packages
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