Friday, January 4, 2008

News Articles "Missing In Action"

1. "Christmas Sales Were Great"
(They must've been horrific, or we'd see stories about how great Christmas sales were; they don't want to "scare" us with the truth, or make the Republicans look bad for the elections!)

2. "Evolution Must Be Correct, Because There Are No Cavemen Walking Around"
(Creationists won't answer this question: How come there's no cavemen around?)

3. "Unemployment Went Up Under Bush"
(Clinton inherited 7.4% from Bush I & gave Bush II 3.7%; It has gone up steadily under Bush II.)

4. "Gas More Than Doubled Under Bush"
(Gas was $1.46 when Bush took office.)

5. "Heating Oil More Than Doubled Under Bush"

6. "Rightwing Nazi Media Compare Candidates To Reagan, But Not George W. Bush" (they skip him)
(Rush Limbaugh & the gang always say, "He's the next Ronald Reagan" when they like a Republican. How come they don't say, "He's the next George W. Bush"???)

7. "FOX Cried When Democrats Banned Their Debate, But FOX Bans Ron Paul"
(FOX cried "foul" when the Democrats refused to have a debate on FOX, but FOX is "OK" with banning Republican Ron Paul from their stories by FOX about this!)

8. "Why Is The Rightwing Nazi Media Smearing Ron Paul and Huckabee, But Not Any Other Republicans?"
(Rush, FOX, etc...really don't want Ron Paul or Mike Huckabee to be the Republican nominee for president...why not??? They include Ron Paul & Huckabee when they smear the Democrats!)

9. "There's A Car For Sale In Other Countries That Runs On Air"
(Shouldn't this be all over the TV? With gas just up to $3.25? They don't WANT to solve our reliance on oil! click here )

10. "George W. Bush Stole Two Elections"
(2000 the Supreme Court stopped the Florida recount and "placed" him in office against the Florida Supreme Court's ruling, 2004 there's enough facts, data, statistics proving Bush stole Ohio.)

11. "Rumsfeld Said The Iraq War Would Last 'A Couple Of Weeks' And It's Going On 5 Years"
(Now McCain just said we could be there for 100 years!)

12. "We Killed Over A Million Iraqi Civilians"
(Thou Shalt Not Kill!)

13. "Terrorism Killed Conservatism"
(From 2000->2006, the so-called "conservatives" gave us domestic spying, wars based on lies, largest federal spending ever, largest deficits ever, and threw out all their "conservative" principles and blamed it on terrorism & 9/11. Therefore, "conservatism" principles couldn't stand up to terrorism, and therefore "conservatism" was never a good philosophy! If "conservatism" was a solid philosophy, it would've withstood even terrorism! Right?)

14. "Bankruptcies Up 40% In 2007, What's Happening To The People With The New Bankrupcy Laws That Make Declaring Bankruptcy Harder?"
(Are the people in "indentured slavery"???)

15. "American Middleclass & Poor Spending All Their Money On Health Care & Medical Bills"
(Add up all your health care premiums, paycheck deductions, co-pays, deductibles, % not covered that you still have to pay, prescriptions not fully covered...and see what % of your pay that is!!!)

16. "How Can You Be 'Pro-Life' And Not Speak Out Against the War and the Death Penalty?"
(And why aren't "pro-lifers" lining up to adopt unwanted babies???)

Got anymore? List them in the "comments".........
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