Friday, January 25, 2008

Big Dan's Big News Jan 25, 2008

· New Hampshire Sec. of State Appears to Lie to Media About Kucinich Hand Count. Bill Gardner Says 'Kucinich Satisfied With Recount' When Letter from Congressman to SoS Says Otherwise...

· EXCLUSIVE: Kucinich Letter Cites Miscounts in NH, Requests State Carry Out 'Complete and Accurate Recount of All Ballots'. Democratic Presidential Candidate Details 'Significant Percentage Variances,' from 4 to 10%, Discovered So Far During Hand Counts as Paid for by His Campaign. SoS Downplays Mistallies After One County Counted: No Changes 'As Far as Where the Candidates Finished'...

· Following on our report last Saturday of massive voting machine failures that kept voters from voting for hours in Horry County, SC, Kitty Pilgrim, on CNN's Lou Dobbs Tonight (video), reported yesterday on plans for SC to use the same machines again in this Saturday's Democratic primary.

· Conspiracy Theorist. Why would anybody cheat in an election?

New Hampshire Primary - Breakdown of chain of custody

We have collected over 20 hours of video taken by six different people. It will tell much of the story of the New Hampshire recount.

After some thought, I think the best way to do this is with as little editing as possible, to allow viewers to reach their own conclusions based on what they see. I will organize clips into uniform topics and will keep them short, with a few captions to provide context.

· The New Hampshire Chain of Custody Sham


· Immigration officials detaining, deporting American citizens. Thomas Warziniack was born in Minnesota and grew up in Georgia, but immigration authorities pronounced him an illegal immigrant from Russia.

· Kucinich drops presidential bid

· Give Them Death: Three Leading Democratic Candidates Support Capital Punishment. Rights and Liberties: Opposing the death penalty used to distinguish Democrats from Republicans. Now, across party lines, death is just another day at the office.

· Supreme Court considers voter id law in Indiana

· Is the Bush Stimulus Going to Help You? Corporate Accountability and WorkPlace: There's a national economy, and then there's a "people's economy." Guess which one will see more "relief."

· Immigration officials detaining, deporting American citizens. The story of how immigration officials decided that a small-town drifter with a Southern accent was an illegal Russian immigrant illustrates how the federal government mistakenly detains and sometimes deports American citizens.

· Exxon guns for all-time profit record. Surging crude prices could help the oil giant post the biggest bottom line ever for a U.S. firm; refining margins, rising costs could get in the way.($75,000/minute)

· Gas Prices Up, Globe Still Warming and ExxonMobil Earnings Soar

· Bush: Bin Laden Will Be ‘Gotten By A President’ (But Probably Not This One)

· Supremes: OK to fire medical pot users. Rationale: Cannabis, even used for medical reasons, is illegal on a federal level.

· Ron Paul unveils economic plan

· Bush redefining Iraq role, next president must pay for it

· Documentary highlights detainee abuses in Iraq, Afghanistan; "'Soldiers are dying. Get the information.' That's all you're told: Get the information." --Pfc. Damien Corsetti; "Taxi To The Dark Side"

Scranton Diocese UNION-BUSTING!!! Scranton Diocese to enforce employee relations program. The Diocese of Scranton will not recognize the teachers union as a collective bargaining unit, the diocese announced Thursday.


Democracy NOW! DISH channels 9410 & 9415, DirecTV channel 275:

Broadcast Exclusive: Abu Ghraib Whistleblower Samuel Provance Speaks Out on Torture and Cover-Up at U.S. Military Jail

In a national TV broadcast exclusive, we spend the hour with Abu Ghraib whistleblower and former Army sergeant Samuel Provance. From September 2003 to the spring of 2004 Provance ran the top secret computer network used by military intelligence at Abu Ghraib. He was the first intelligence specialist to speak openly about abuse at the prison and is the only military intelligence soldier listed as a witness in the Taguba report. Among the abuses he lists is the torture of a 16 year-old Iraqi boy in order to make his father talk. After Provance spoke out, the Army stripped him of his security clearance, demoted him and threatened him with ten years in jail.

DN! video
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