Friday, January 4, 2008

Big Dan's Big News Jan 4, 2008

OBAMA & HUCKABEE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From MSNBC's David Shuster
165,000 in so far. Based on precincts still to report (urban areas), the total will be 185,000 to 200,000.... A tidal wave on Dem side compared with 125,000 from 2004.

*** UPDATE *** From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
The Iowa Democratic party says, "With 93.5 percent of the precincts reporting we are seeing record turnout with 218,000 caucus attendees."


· Detailed Results

· Obama beats Clinton, Edwards to win Iowa

· Arianna Huffington: Obama Wins Iowa: Why Everyone Has a Reason to Celebrate Tonight

· Iowa sent the country a message Thursday night: We want change! New faces. New voices. A new approach to politics. The voters' message was clear in both parties, but boldest in the Democratic Party.

· Clinton Campaign Stung By Third-Place Finish

· Edwards Adviser Trippi: 'This Is A Repudiation Of Clinton'

· First-Time Voters Help Push Obama to Victory in Iowa Democratic Caucuses

· Edwards vows to fight on in N.H. Edwards Says Iowa Shows Voters Want Change Over the Status Quo, Vows to Fight on in N.H.

· Obama, Edwards and Clinton are presenting Iowa Democrats three distinct visions of how the party can win back the White House.

· Should Big Media Choose Our Candidates? Why should ABC and Fox get to decide who is a viable candidate for president?


· ACLU Names Inside-the-Beltway 'Best and Worst' for Civil Liberties in 2007

· How high will the newly-launched criminal investigation into the CIA's destruction of interrogation tapes go? And will it eventually target Vice President Cheney?

· Harman Warned against Destroying Tapes in 2003. The CIA's initial defense for destroying the videotapes showing interrogations of Al Qaeda detainees was that they'd briefed members of Congress about their intention to do this long ago. To which, Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA), the former chair of the House intelligence committee responded: yes, we were told, and I told them not to do it. She said that she'd made that explicit in a letter to the CIA's general counsel in February of 2003, but that the letter was classified. She asked the CIA to declassify it. Well, the CIA declassified the letter and today she released it.............

· Bush Puts ‘Immunity’ For Iraqi Government Ahead Of Bonuses For American Troops

· Charges Against Tasered Woman Dropped. Ohio Woman Was Cuffed, Hit With Stun Gun Repeatedly; Officer Under Investigation

· Pat Robertson: God told me who will win ‘08 election.

· BREAKING: Franklin County, OH Election Official Pleads Guilty to 'Profiting from Contracts for Voting Machines'. Criminal Charges Lead to Sentencing of 180 Days in Jail; Prison Time Suspended by Judge; Defendant 'Very Sorry'...

· Ohio's Secretary of State Issues Directive to Allow All Voters to Vote on Paper in 2008! Brunner's New Directive Also Requires Such Ballots Actually Be Counted Before Unofficial Results are Released to the Public, Media. Concerns Remain About Centralized County Tabulation, However...

· Studying Kangaroo Farts and Teflon-Coated Frogs: Weird Science That Could Save Our Lives. Did you know kangaroo farts are environmentally friendly? Scientists are studying the bacteria that prevents them from releasing methane. (bd: Didn't I post something about kangaroo farts before? And I asked if it was a joke or not? Well, here we go again!)
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