Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Big Dan's Big News Jan 29, 2008

(Bush looks "uneasy" around a maimed American soldier at Walter Reed Hospital, compliments of his "War of Lies")

· State of the Union Speech 2008, And Other Signs Our Long National Nightmare May Someday End. UPDATE: Republicanist Fox 'News' Dis 'Democrat Response'. ALSO: Feingold's Response to Bush's SOTU, Says 'Congress Must Stand Up' to 'Bully' Bush.

· Dem response: Last five years have cost us dearly

· You MUST go here, to get all the facts about Bush's SOTU (State of the Union, or SHIT of the Union speech)

· Bush lays out a modest agenda for his final year. President Bush used his final State of the Union address to launch what the White House called "a sprint to the finish," but his modest agenda made it clear that his dismal political standing and a wary Democratic Congress prohibit grand ambitions for his final year in office.

· Beginning of the END!

Bush's 2007 "Shit of the Union" Speech:


· Senate blocks GOP move to expand FISA, grant immunity

· Senate blocks GOP move to expand FISA, grant immunity

· Wal-Mart Pushing Suppliers For RFID

· Questions unfolding throughout New Hampshire

· Republican New Hampshire primary candidate Albert Howard, whose election contest hand count is currently ongoing in Concord, once again demonstrates how to call for a legitimate and reconcilable "recount." He has just sent us a copy of the following letter, which was hand delivered to NH Secretary of State Bill Gardner earlier today

· Rove Passes Up Commencement Speech at Choate After the Students Object

· Musharraf rejects CIA bid to hunt Taliban

· IMF head in shock fiscal warning

· Don't treat the old and unhealthy, say doctors

· Bush orders NSA to snoop on US agencies

· The Twilight of Democracy: The Bush Plan for America

· Former immigration officials rap $5 million Moussaoui reward. Two retired U.S. immigration officials who helped supervise the investigation of Zacarias Moussaoui have sharply criticized the government's $5 million reward to a flight instructor who shared what he knew about the al Qaida operative, with one calling it "obscene."

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