Monday, June 8, 2009

Big Dan's Big News June 8, 2009

Hartman: Will Obama behave like Roosevelt or will he create a moment of opportunity for the right? Now that credit is maxed and won't drive supply anymore, we need more jobs with higher wages to drive supply.

5 Americans Arrested in Death of Iraq Contractor

As Obama returns to the Oval Office today, conservatives are deriding his trip abroad as an "apology tour." But The Daily Beast's Matthew Yglesias says the president let down the left, as well.

Israel Demands IAEA Action on Iran, Syria, Not Itself. Despite Refusing to Subject Their Own Program to International Scrutiny, Israel Demands "Firm" Action

The New York Times was provided 3 extremely important internal Justice Department emails from April, 2005 (.pdf) -- all written by then-Deputy Attorney General Jim Comey -- which highlight how the Bush administration's torture techniques became legally authorized by Bush lawyers. As Marcy Wheeler documents, the leak to the NYT was clearly from someone eager to defend Bush officials by suggesting that Comey's emails prove that all DOJ lawyers --- even those opposed to torture on policy grounds -- agreed these techniques were legal, and the NYT reporters, Scott Shane and David Johnston, dutifully do the leakers' bidding by misleadingly depicting the Comey emails as vindication for Bush/Cheney (Headline: "U.S. Lawyers Agreed on the Legality of Brutal Tactic"; First Paragraph: "When Justice Department lawyers engaged in a sharp internal debate in 2005 over brutal interrogation techniques, even some who believed that using tough tactics was a serious mistake agreed on a basic point: the methods themselves were legal").

What the new Jim Comey torture emails actually reveal

On March 12 or 13, 2004, after Jim Comey threatened to quit because George Bush had reauthorized warrantless wiretapping over Comey's objections, Bush ordered Alberto Gonzales to write up notes of his March 10, 2004 meeting with members of Congress; the congressional meeting would serve as Gonzales' excuse for having visited John Ashcroft in the ICU ward. Gonzales would go on to carry those notes around with him in a briefcase, thereby violating rules on treating classified information. After moving to DOJ in 2005, Gonzales did not feel safe leaving the documents in one of the DOJ safes accessible by--among others--Jim Comey (there was also one in the AG office that woudl presumably not be accessible to Comey).

Cheney’s and Gonzales’ CYA Libraries

The Value in Showing the Photos of Torture

1/3 of Cocaine Smuggled to the U.S. is in SUBMARINES!

Are the Beatles smuggling cocaine into the U.S. in their Yellow Submarine???

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