Friday, June 12, 2009

Big Dan's Big News June 12, 2009

Bishop Martino opens up another can of whoop-ass against NEPA Catholics!

...working on another media story about condoms and Senator Casey to distract everyone from what he's doing...

Devastating one-man wrecking crew Bishop Martino is once again POUNDING NEPA Catholics. He eliminates 55 Catholic teaching positions. Do you think the teaching positions weren't needed because he SHUT DOWN SO MANY SCHOOLS? DUH! "Let's shut down a bunch of Catholic schools and make the kids travel and get into more accidents. Oh! Now there's too many teachers! We'll have to cut them!"

Still no word from Bishop Martino, denouncing Bush administration torturing of human beings! Maybe he'll come out with something about condoms and Senator Casey again, to distract everyone. Bishop Martino's plans appear to be: PUMMEL the entire NEPA Catholic system into oblivion. He's doing well! He should be working for Goldman-Sachs! Or CitiBank, or Bank of America! Or AIG! Don't forget to vote REPUBLICAN! Right? Bishop Martino? But don't worry, we just don't understand...he's a "complex" man! GOD told him to do it!

Jonathan Schell: "The wound goes deeper. Even as the torturer shatters the world of his victim, he assaults the foundation of his own world, although he does not know it. Indeed, his blindness is a consequence of the torture, even a condition for it. The torturer and his victim are close to each other. There is physical contact. Yet in every other respect they are as distant as it is possible for one person to be from another. In the moral and affective vacuum that has been generated, sympathy, empathy, pity, understanding--every form of fellow-feeling--have been reduced to absolute zero. That is why torture is always, in Scarry's words, an "undoing of civilization," and, probably more reliably than anything, it foretells the descent of a civilization into barbarism. The power of the state that tortures may be increasingly fictional, but the degradation of its civilization is real." Click here to read the whole article.

'Worst of the Worst'?: Gitmo's Youngest Prisoner, the 'Forgotten Child,' Released Without Charges. Mohammed El-Gharani, captured at fourteen, mistreated by captors, never charged in over seven years, finally going home...

SUMMARY: Conservatives in the media are citing a declassified DHS report detailing potential increases in right-wing extremism to claim that the Obama administration is targeting conservatives and others simply because they disagree with administration policies and proposals.

Conservative media freak-out: claim Obama DHS targeting conservatives in report on right-wing extremists

Rightwing Hate Media

"After years of poison injected into the public discourse by Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Savage, Coulter, Malkin, Horowitz, Buchanan, Hewitt, Malzberg and the rest of their cohort - all right wing radicals hell bent on ending the United States - the nation is now chest deep in a tidal wave of hate. It is this group that has given aid and comfort to every fear-peddling, neo-Nazi, skin-head, KKK, Hitler sympathizing organization in the country. It is this group that gives tacit permission to borderline sociopaths to pick up a gun - pick up several guns - and go kill the _________. (Fill in the blank.)

Each of those named above (and dozens more who creep around unnoticed until they use their local radio programs to attack gay people or Muslims or immigrant families or autistic children or transgendered middle-schoolers) is responsible for sinking this country under a bottomless miasma of fear, hate, bigotry and lies. Their hate-filled diatribes against those unable to fight back have made them wealthy.

They are domestic terrorists. Why are they allowed to continue?" - Mike Malloy

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