Saturday, June 6, 2009

Big Dan's Big News June 6, 2009

The Real Enemy: bankers and corporations. They trashed the Republican Party, now they have their sites set on the Democrats.

It seems strange, almost surreal, to say this, but the Republican Party, and arguably the whole conservative movement, is not the left's biggest enemy at the moment. While the Republican Party shrinks, corporate interests are deftly molting their old K Street Project skin and crawling en masse inside the big tent being pitched by the Democratic Party. These same corporate interests have always had a purchase on Democrats, of course. But for much of the last decade, business interests had the luxury of spending most of their resources aiding their allies in the GOP.

Naming the Enemy

The Corporation - one of the most important, best, most watched movies on the internet. Posted here at BDBB many times in the past. Watch it this time, you idiot!!!

How corporations are buying the judiciary: Part I. Corporate interests posing as a grassroots conservative group, astroturfing, are behind attacks on President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee.

Corporations behind efforts to label Sotomayor ‘racist’

Doesn't the "Cheney Family TV Tour" know we have videos of what they said? Can they stop lying? Will TV keep booking them to lie? Who's booking them? Why are they always on the (not) "liberal media"? The "liberal media" must want us to believe the history the Cheney's are rewriting, or they wouldn't be booked on TV all the time!

Beach Boys A Capella...this is "off the charts":

Wouldn't It Be Nice

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