Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Big Dan's Big News June 16, 2009

We just got back from Washington DC/Baltimore. Here's what the signs look like in front of practically every parking spot on the street. Only, there's sometimes 6-9-12 of them! We got a ticket for $250 for supposedly parking in a handicap spot. We could not understand these signs! We looked at them carefully, and we all agreed it looked like a valid spot. Luckily, the policeman was still there on horseback, and my wife turned on the waterworks and he took back the ticket! Thank god! I'm a witness: these signs, but sometimes about a dozen of them, are posted several feet off the road near practically every street parking spot on the Mall! Look carefully at the sign above, and imagine about NINE signs like that for ONE spot!

NEPA/Scranton: If the long-awaited disclosure took some of the mystery out of what happened inside Ms. Williams' second-floor apartment at 1501 N. Lincoln Ave., it is not likely to end the questions about how the Police Department handled what started out as a harassment call involving a mentally ill woman.

DA says police shooting was justified


AmBushed [HD] by Conspirituality : Never trust a Bush unless it's Burning !

AmBushed [HD] by Conspirituality : Never trust a Bush unless it's Burning ! from DJ BALL on Vimeo.

911, The Pentagon And The A3 Skywarrior Theory

National Security Alert


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