Friday, June 5, 2009

Big Dan's Big News June 5, 2009

Everyone: Republican, Democract, Independent: Click here to tell the FCC to get behind a people-powered vision of 21st-century media media that’s participatory, open and democratic -- and not to hand the keys to the Internet to the old guard.

Tillman’s mother says general lying — again — about son’s death

The Tillman Factor: Pat Tillman's brother Kevin and Jessica Lynch testify in front of congress about the lies of the military surrounding the Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch fabrications put forth by the military in the complicit corporate media. This blog is all about exposing LIARS and corporate media LIES and purposeful misinformation and government LIES and purposeful misinformation. You can count on me to expose them the best I can:

Video 1 - Feeling the Hate In Jerusalem on Eve of Obama’s Cairo Address. Brought to our attention by Agent 99.
Video 2 - Maddow on Obama's speech: Minority Report: indefinitely/preventatively keep people incarcerated for "future crimes", with no due keeping in line with the Bush administration's disregard for law and peoples' rights, Obama introduces "prolonged detention"...and sugar-coats it with a straw man argument.

Dick: Uncut!

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...from my friend plunger's diary at firedoglake:

The Criminal Reserve Bank & The End Of The Dollar

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