Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Big Dan's Big News June 24, 2009

The "liberal media" is not liberal. Look at how all the major TV networks are covering another country and ignoring Americans. They are covering a foreign country's elections (Iran) and totally ignoring Americans testifying in front of congress on how their health care companies denied them coverage for serious illnesses and operations. WHO told ANBCBSNNX not to cover this?

SUMMARY: Despite poignant testimony by people denied coverage for treatment of serious health problems, the network evening news broadcasts uniformly ignored a June 16 House hearing on the practice by insurance companies of canceling the policies of people who become ill and submit claims for expensive treatments.

Indeed, according to a Media Matters search** of the Nexis database, The New York Times and The Washington Post have still not reported on the hearing.

* Media Matters searched the Nexis database for ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS transcripts after June 15 using the search terms: health! or insurance or coverage or rescission or post-claims underwriting or hearing or subcommittee or (Margaret pre/2 Raddatz) or (Peg! pre/2 Raddatz) or (Otto pre/2 Raddatz) or (Robin pre/2 Beaton) or (Jen! pre/2 Horton) or (Wittney Horton). Media Matters reviewed all broadcasts not available in Nexis.

** Media Matters searched the Nexis database for The New York Times and The Washington Post after June 15 using the search terms: (Margaret pre/2 Raddatz) or (Peg! pre/2 Raddatz) or (Otto pre/2 Raddatz) or (Robin pre/2 Beaton) or (Jen! pre/2 Horton) or (Wittney Horton).

Major TV networks ignore testimony of cancer patient denied coverage by insurer

TIME: "Three days before she was scheduled for a double mastectomy, her insurance company, Blue Cross, called her and told her they were launching an investigation into the last five years of her health records. It turned out that dermatologist's note had been a red flag, and the company was looking for a way to cancel her policy on the grounds that she had been hiding a serious medical condition." (bd: but the point is: should anyone EVER be denied treatment for ANYTHING...EVER, in this country?)

Big-Wig health insurance CEO's explaining why they drop patients' health care coverage they've been paying for, right when they need it. At the end of the video, the CEO's will NOT commit to NOT rescind peoples' health care coverage when they need it...AMAZING!!!

When Health Insurance Isn't Health Insurance

Weapons of Mass Deception - the movie that will show you how the "liberal" corporate media is in bed with the government, CIA, and the few richest elites really running this country. But they must tell you over and over again, that the media is "liberal", or their plan won't work! And they have to have one REALLY crazy network (FOX), so that you REALLY think there's differences! It's the same way the Democrats and Republicans work, too!

Proof the "liberal" corporate media is a mouthpiece for the Pentagon:

Pentagon Pundits - Blinded By The Right

Ridiculous pro-Iran War media propaganda: the Wall Street Journal says an Iranian father had to pay a "bullet fee" to get back the dead body of his protester son. If you believe this, YOU are an IDIOT! The family "was told" there was a "bullet fee" of $3000. No proof of this whatsoever. It would be a surprise to Ahmadinijhad himself. Where is this "bullet fee" Iranian policy in the books? Where is the proof of this story really happening? The family "was told" by WHOM about the "bullet fee"? COME ON!!! At least make the propaganda hard to detect, Wall Street Journal! We're not idiots!

WSJ ace reporting, did a 2nd grader write this? - Son's Death Has Iranian Family Asking Why

Why? Dear GOD! Did they want the "bullet fee"! So, no one knew about the "bullet fee"...until a supposed stolen election occurred. I guess it was known that Iran had a "bullet fee" for killing protesters...but the was "OK", up until this point. And totally unknown to anyone, too. Yeah, right.......BULLSHIT!!!!!!!! I'd like to meet the reporter who investigated all of this. The story gets better: the "bullet fee" was waived! So they didn't pay a "bullet fee". When is a "bullet fee" not a "bullet fee"? When you don't pay a "bullet fee"! It must've been "bullet fee discount day"! What the FUCK kind of a story is this??? ....but he had so many dreams...

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