Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Big Dan's Big News June 2, 2009

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Goodbye, GM ...by Michael Moore

In light of the rightwing religious terrorist who shot the abortion doctor, remember DHS Janet Napolitano's report on rightwing domestic terror? And how the rightwingers went crazy? Well.....

DHS Domestic Terror Report Angers Conservatives, Veterans

"Lone crazy gunman" had phone number of another "lone crazy"...maybe they're not alone! And part of a group of terrorists!

Phone number found inside car of man suspected of killing George Tiller belongs to woman who plotted 1988 clinic bombing

All Together, Now: Politically-Motivated Terrorism Cannot Be “Politicized”

Olbmermann: Quarantine rightwing hate shows

I want everyone to notice this! This guy who shot the military recruiters in Arkansas, the ABC news briefs on AM radio led with the sentence: "Recently converted to Islam..." when describing the shooter. What's the religion of they guy who shot the abortion doctor? Also, how did ABC, CNN, etc...find out so quickly that this guy "recently converted to Islam"? When they caught him, did he say: "The first thing I want you to know, is that I recently converted to Islam"? How do they immediately know this? And why are they even telling us this? So we're scared of the "scary Muslims"? Do we only mention a criminal's religion in the news when he's Muslim and only bring up "terrorist" when he's Muslim? How can you lead on the national news with someone's religion, as in: "A man who recently converted to Islam shot......"? Do they say: "A JEW was caught bilking investors out of $65 BILLION dollars in a PONZI scheme"? What if Bernie Madoff was Muslim? Or, "A Catholic shot and killed his family"? "Paul Wolfowitz, a JEW, architected the illegal war in Iraq", which involved torturing Muslims".

CNN (and ABC): Man who recently converted to Islam arrested in Arkansas recruiting center shooting (he recently converted to Islam! Make sure you know that! What was his religion most of his life? Does it matter?)

Update: Wait a second! This guy was under FBI surveillance? Then why did it get this far?

Recruiter Shooting Suspect Under FBI Investigation

It's Hard To Realize How Much Anger There Already Is Towards America! President Carter

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