Friday, June 19, 2009

Big Dan's Big News June 19, 2009

Has Obama fulfilled his pledges of openness and transparency of government? And lived up to those commitments -- even remotely? Just examine the facts and judge for yourself (bd: my answer is "NO"):

Obama and transparency: judge for yourself

Shepard Fairey, the creator of the Obama "HOPE", "PROGRESS", etc...posters, is a grafitti - skateboard artist who takes famous propaganda pictures and sets them to simple messages like: "OBEY", "HOPE", probably misunderstand his art, if you don't look into it deeper. Shepard Fairey's message is really: "Question Authority". Public space shouldn't be only for corporate advertizers, but for citizen graffiti. His artwork began with a picture of Andre the Giant's face with the word "OBEY" under it, which he began to put on skateboards.

Shepard Fairey, Citizen Artist


My wife and I went to this Shepard Fairey art exhibit in this video below, when we just went to Boston to visit our son. His "OBEY" street art is all over Boston on public buildings and spaces. Sometimes he gets arrested for this. This is at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Boston. We were there:

Over the past 70 years, the AMA has fought every effort at health care reform.

Experts see no ‘smoking gun’ for Iran election fraud

The American hand in Iran


9/ - Highly Credible People Question 9/11

ADL National Director Abraham H. Foxman. They have a headlock on the United States of Israel's media! The last time I checked, I'm an American. Why does a foreign county, Israel, have so much control of our media and our freedom of speech?

Israel gets another U.S. journalist/reporter fired - Dan Froomkin

"It was very likely that this posting right here is what caused this man right here to demand the firing of Dan so that never again would the State of Israel be left in a position where this much truth about Israeli deceptions - or a story of crimes like this is ever again written by reporters or bloggers in the United States of America.

Apparently, the most powerful man in the world is Abe Foxman (The Enemy Of Free Speech In America). Want to know why you were fired, Dan? Start there." - plunger


A-ha! Plunger was right! The Washington Post replaced Dan Froomkin with a pro-Israeli Jewish Zionist! Non other than the architect of the Iraq War - PAUL WOLFOWITZ!!! Who should be in jail! Who is controlling the NOT "liberal media" in the United States? Let's see...we have William Kristol on FOX "news", Paul Wolfowitz in the Washington Post, neo-con Dick Cheney on ANBCBSNNX, and ...... Get ready for a WaPo drumbeat about attacking Iran by Wolfowitz (on behalf of this traitor's #1 country Israel) from Paul Wolfowitz. The U.S. corporate media is Israeli-occupied territory. I guess this is "OK" with everyone, as no one is doing anything about it while they're doing this blatantly right in front of our faces. Why do people like Paul Wolfowitz keep disappearing, getting recycled, and re-appearing in the media and in positions of power? As if they weren't previously outed already? As if everyone forgot? What exactly is going on at the Washington Post? The next thing you know, there will be a Republican president in 2012, Paul Wolfowitz will be in the cabinet (again, the same guys all the time), and we'll be having a war with another Arab country on behalf of Israel!

The Washington Post thinks America needs a column from disgraced neo-con Zionist racist War Pig Paul Wolfowitz! What's going on here?

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