Saturday, June 13, 2009

Big Dan's Big News June 13, 2009

Here's what REAL liberal news looks like. It doesn't look like the supposed liberal news: ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN. So, then what are they? They're certainly not "liberal".

'Project Expose MSM' Report #2. DEA Special Agent Sandalio Gonzalez on Time Magazine's blackout of four whistleblowers 'exclusive' on U.S. agents drug-trafficking in Colombia... the NEWS that didn't make the "news"...

Here's why single payer health care, what most Americans want, is off the table according to our corrupt government:

Key health care senators have industry ties

...and here's more conflict of interest from our corrupt government, are you surprised at any of this? Stop drinking the KOOK-AID! Our government no longer represents us, they only represent their wallets:

Senators held stock in bailed-out banks

One of the few NOT corrupt politicians: Dennis Kucinich, grilling the head of Bank of America:

The most predominant mentality in right-wing discourse finds expression in this form: "I am part of/was born into Group X, and Group X -- my group -- is better than all others yet treated so very unfairly." This claim persists -- indeed, is often intensified -- even when Group X is clearly the strongest, most privileged and most favored group. So intense is their need for self-victimization -- so inebriating is their self-absorption and so lacking are they in any capacity for empathy -- that, for all the noise and rhetoric, the arguments they make virtually always have this tribalistic self-absorption at its core.

Tribalistic self-absorption

Bernanke is worried! S 604 & HR 1207 to Audit the Federal Reserve is Gaining Momentum FAST!

Congressman Demands To Know Who Left Fish Sandwich To Rot On House Floor

Big Dan's most famous post ever:

"Coiffure de fromage"; The Famous Hairy Burger King "Fish" Sandwich

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