Saturday, June 27, 2009

Big Dan's Big News June 27, 2009

Specter backs public health option...

WHOOPS! Wrong Specter...

Specter backs public health option...

Max Keiser - Goldman Sachs extorted taxpayers; making record profits...RFK Jr w/Matt Taibbi

Sanford & Whore

Sanford & Whore (bd: Watch this and laugh your ass off! He says absolute CRAP for the entire first part of his "Sanford & Whore" speech. I think he's a used car salesman. Let me put it to you straight: THIS GUY IS FULL OF SHIT!!! He talks about the Appalachian Trail, GOD...what the...??? Doesn't he know he's making a FOOL out of himself? If he didn't get snagged by his wife, he'd still be fucking the Argentinian homewrecker on the taxpayer's dime. Then he opens it up for questions at the end. I have a question: "Would you still be fucking her, if you didn't get snagged by your wife?" Or how about this one: "Didn't you have a better plan to not get caught, than disappearing and shutting off your cell phone? You know you're married and have kids and you're a governor, right?" How about: "Did you know it was 'Father's Day'?" Here's another one: "Would you term it 'outsourcing'? Because you were taking your affair to another country with an Argentinian?" Take a good look at this video: all politicians are full of BULLSHIT! Take a good, strong whiff!!!

Video 1 - Sanford & Whore; Sanford's ridiculous speech
Video 2 - Young Turks correctly predict what happened to Sanford...before it's found out
Video 3 - Sanford & Son theme song...CRANK IT UP! ONE OF THE GREATEST SONGS OF ALL TIME!

It's the "Big One"!!! I'll give you FIVE...right 'cross YO' LIP!!!

Moussad Truck Bombs on 9/11 - wake up folks! These are facts! Don't turn your head and not watch this, or say "conspiracy"...uh huh, these are FACTS! Israel had something to do with 9/11. Take a look at this:

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