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Big Dan's Big News Sep 8, 2008

Above: Reformed rightwing smearmeister David Brock of Exposing rightwing media lies and misinformation every single day!

Required reading for everyone who reads this blog: "The Republican Noise Machine" by David Brock (2004 Mother Jones interview)

Reformed rightwinger David Brock's website:

Summary: In reports on Sen. John McCain's acceptance speech at the RNC, several media outlets uncritically reported McCain's claim that Sen. Barack Obama "will raise" taxes, without pointing out that McCain's own chief economic adviser has reportedly said the accusation is inaccurate or that Obama has in fact proposed cutting taxes for low- and middle-income families and raising them only on households earning more than $250,000 per year.

Media uncritically repeat McCain claim that Obama "will raise" taxes

The McCain campaign’s war against the media shouldn’t be surprising; this is what conservatives do. The only real question is what reporters are going to do about it. Are they going to fall for the absurd argument that John McCain – arguably the national politician who has received the most favorable media coverage over the past decade, if not longer – is being unfairly treated by reporters who still haven’t given him any serious scrutiny? The next two months will constitute a test for reporters: if they fall for the idea that they’re treating unfairly a candidate who has long referred to them as his “base,” what won’t they fall for? If they won’t stand up to these attacks, what will they stand up to?

A test for the media

MSNBC sacks "incendiary" election coverage hosts; next up: FOX "news" sacks Karl Rove from their election coverage...not...:

We can't have a perceived "shift to the left" with "incendiary" people covering the election on a cable news channel, can we?


Bill Maher: The Sarah Palin "Mommy 'n Me Pregnancy Test", Sarah Palin saying the Iraq War is a "TASK FROM GOD", and Bill Maher on the Republicans and Bristol's "baby-daddy":

Palin’s surprise addition to the Republican presidential ticket has triggered mounting scrutiny of husband Todd’s largely unpublicised role in a series of acrimonious disputes that threaten to belie the wholesome, friendly image of the woman known here as “Wasilla’s sweetheart”.

Sarah Palin's real soul mate. McCain's veep choice is the reincarnation of George W. Bush, as channeled by Karl Rove.

The Republican Party: No black senators or congressmen in the federal government, and out of 2,300+ delegates at the RNC: 36 black delegates! That's 0.01%! Sarah Palin fits in just fine in the GOP, with her racist remark, "So, Sambo beat the bitch" when Obama beat Hillary! Didn't they read the reports that whites will be the minority in this country soon? Vote McCain/Palin for change! There's been a Democrat in the White House for the last 8 years, didn't you know that? And we need change! "Some other party" has been in there! According to McCain/Palin! There's more black hockey players than black Republican senators and congressmen: ONE!!!

CBS to McCain: GOP has become 'party of white people'

The economy is doing great! Fannie, Freddia Mac are taken over by the government! More corporate welfare, "free market" when it comes to bailing out corporations. No "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" when it comes to corporations. No "sink or swim in the free market" when it comes to corporations! Somehow, I know we're getting screwed with this!

Bush announces federal takeover of Fannie, Freddie

The Official Ralph Nader YouTube Channel

Open the debates to Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney, and Bob we can hear more views and opinions in the debates! We don't just have 2 parties and 2 candidates running for president! Hearing all 5 candidates' debate benefits all American citizens!

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