Sunday, September 28, 2008

Big Dan's Big News Sep 28, 2008

McCain/Palin break the ONE MILLION LIES barrier of their short campaign!!!

Surprise extravaganza w/fireworks & balloons, entertainment by Toby Keith & ABBA, mark the 1,000,000th LIE...campaign continues to add to all-time record...experts: LIE record "untouchable"; the "Babe Ruth of liars"...

With Sarah Palin's lie about "trade missions" with Russia and McCain's lie in the debate about Kissinger not saying he backed direct talks with Iran with no pre-conditions, the McCain/Palin ticket hit the one million lie mark. They were stuck on 999,998 lies for over 20 minutes, their biggest slump during the campaign.

Palin's mysterious trade missions

Conservative Andrew Sullivan: The Odd Lies Of Sarah Palin XIV: What Trade Missions To Russia?

In my exclusive interview, I find out what country Sarah Palin will lie about visiting next:

BD: So, Sarah, you lied about visiting the troops in Iraq and about trade missions with Russia, what is the next country you plan to lie about visiting?

Palin: Well, Danny, I was thinking about lying about visiting Paraguay. You know, Danny, it's not really lying, though, if I can see Paraguay from Alaska, Danny.

BD: You can't see Paraguay from Alaska.

Palin: I know, I'm lying about that, too, Danny...

BD: You don't know where Paraguay is, do you!?

Palin: I'll get back to you on that, Danny.

Dittohead brothers Jeb 'n Jeb "don't depreciate" Big Dan making fun of Sarah Palin.

Jeb: Me 'n Jeb wuz talkin', 'n we don't depreciate you libruls pokin' fun at Surah McPalin.

The other Jeb: She's whoopin' mooses asses 'n stuff.

Jeb: Yeah, 'n she's putting high fallutin' lipstick on pigs 'n pitbulls 'n stuff. She should be purzident.

The other Jeb: She made mooseburgers 'n stuff. She's a hockey mom, up in Alasker fightin' duh Russians.

Jeb: What's hockey?

The other Jeb: Up in Alasker, dey hit mooses with sticks...'n stuff, I thunk dat's hockey.

Jeb: What 'r mooses?


John Amato interviews Naomi Klein about the next Shock Doctrine: ‘The Wall Street Bailout Giveaway’


Email "John McCain's Health Records Must Be Released!" to your friends

BD: If you think it's a "personal attack" that people are pointing out that John McCain is 72 years old and has been diagnosed with invasive melanoma, and Sarah Palin could be the president if John McCain dies before age 76, then YOU are an IDIOT!!!

John McCain has not yet released his medical records to the public. McCain is 72 years old, and has been diagnosed with invasive melanoma. In May of this year, a small group of selected reporters were allowed to review 1,173 pages of McCain's medical records and were allowed only three hours to do so. John McCain's health is an issue of profound importance. We call on John McCain to issue a full, public disclosure of all of his medical records, available for the media and members of the general public to review.

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