Friday, September 5, 2008

Big Dan's Big News Sep 5, 2008

John McCain stays the course with the RNC theme of "change" from the corrupt Republican administration of the last 8 years that ruined our country:McCain: "I Want Change"

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Steven Colbert's analysis of the great RNC speeches:

Few minorities on GOP podium or sitting among delegates (FACT: There are ZERO BLACK Republican Senators & Congressmen in the Federal Government)

BD Flashback:
Republicans To Retire Watt's Jersey at Convention

Special commentary by Big Dan: "I think there's more black hockey players than black Senators and Congressmen in the federal government. I think I saw a black hockey player on some team."

"We iz votin' fer Muhkane 'n Michael Palin. Dat Demmycrat president fer duh last 8 years dun ruined dis cuntry, we need change!!!"

Daily Show reporter Samantha Bee interviews RNC attendees: Bristol Palin's "Choice" to keep her baby:

The National Enquirer breaks another exclusive affair story about a presidential/vice-presidential candidate (seen at every cash register in every store in America):

The GooseNational Enquirer Story About Sarah Palin's Affair

The Gander
National Enquirer Story About John Edwards Affair

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