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John McCain: Maverick or Dolphin?

A maverick is a person who shows independence of thought or action; a non-conformist or rebel. Therefore, John McCain is a Maverick because he has shown independence of thought or action in becoming the only candidate ever who has flip-flopped 42 times on the issues! No one in history has flip-flopped so many times, saying anything to get "elected" president and picking someone totally unqualified to be Vice-President...just to get elected, not for what's best for the country. That is a real "Maverick"!

Think Progress compiles massive document of John McCain's 42 Flip-Flop's on the following issue.

FOREIGN POLICY: Attacking Terrorists In Pakistan, Defense Spending, Detention Of Detainees, Divestment And Sanctions, Donald Rumsfeld, Henry Kissinger, Illegal Wiretapping, Law Of The Sea Convention, Long-Term Troop Presence In Iraq, Negotiations With Hamas, Negotiations With Syria, Normalization Of Relations With Cuba, Nuclear Reactors, Nuclear Waste Storage At Yucca Mountain, Rogue State Rollback, Torture, 21st Century GI Bill,
ENVIRONMENT/ENERGY: Ethanol, Everglades Restoration, Offshore Drilling
ETHICS: Criticizing The Media, Katrina Investigations, Lobbyists, The Wyly Brothers
ECONOMY: Americans Live Better Under Bush, Balancing The Budget, Bush Tax Cuts, Earmarks For Arizona, Fairness Of The Estate Tax, Job Losses In Michigan, Social Security Privatization, Tobacco Industry Regulations, Windfall Profits Tax
RADICAL RIGHT: The Confederate Flag, Jerry Falwell And The Religious Right, The NRA, Teaching Intelligent Design,
CIVIL RIGHTS: Gay Marriage Amendment
HEALTH CARE: Abortion Exceptions, Repealing Roe v. Wade, Taxpayer Funding For Contraception In Africa

John McCain gets bitch-slapped on "The View":

The View finally gets McCain to say he is for overturning Roe vs. Wade, nice job!

John McCain: Reformed Maverick. John McCain's bio film shows him through the wild years up to abandoning everything he's always stood for.


So, Miss Pig Lipstick, how's Alaska doing?

Rural Alaska steeped in sexual violence

Alaska has largest high school drop-out rate

Alaska probe seeks subpoenas as Palin halts cooperation

Palin husband among 13 subpoenaed in Troopergate probe

More "Small Town Alaska Family Values": Backwoods Celebrity Faces Long Prison Term for Incest. Robert Hale, a Bible-toting father of 15 who calls himself Papa Pilgrim, became an anti-government celebrity in Alaska by driving a bulldozer across a national park that encircles his land. (in Alaska)

Despite a stump speech that portrays herself and McCain as agents for change in Washington, Palin echoed familiar themes of the Bush administration, championing democracy as the antidote to terrorism and referring to Islamic extremism as "evil." But she appeared to be caught off guard when Gibson asked her if she agreed with the Bush doctrine. She responded by saying "In what respect, Charlie?" and went on to speak in broad, general terms about Bush's efforts to fight terrorism.

Scary, unqualified political VP pick Sarah Palin, interviewed by ABC, doesn't know what she's talking about and doesn't answer a single question in this clip...she just regurgitates Republican talking points. She doesn't know what the "Bush Doctrine" is, and Charles Gibson has to explain to her what the Bush Doctrine is, and has to keep repeating questions because Palin isn't answering his questions. How many times does she say, "terrorists", "Charlie", "Islamic extremists", and "all options"? Scary stuff!!!

Above: Cindy McCain in her $300,000.00 RNC "small town family values" get-up.

Washington Post: McCain's Keating 5 lawyer pressured DEA investigators on wife's drug abuse

Is the Washington Post hiding a major corruption story about John McCain and his wife's drug use?

Whistleblower breaks 15-year silence to allege McCain hid wife's drug abuse

Cindy McCain Mother Teresa Story Fabricated

You're U.S. Senator John McCain, and you've got a big problem. Your wife, Cindy, was addicted to prescription painkillers. She stole pills from a medical-aid charity she heads and she used the names of unsuspecting employees to get prescriptions.Until now, you've managed to keep it all quiet. When Tom Gosinski, a man your wife fired, sued for wrongful termination and threatened to expose the whole sordid story, you didn't hesitate to call in the big guns.

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