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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

ROBERT F. KENNEDY, JR.: Well, I don’t believe it. I think, you know, what I’ve said to Nancy Pelosi publicly and to every Democrat that comes on my show, I say, “Why aren’t we impeaching these people, just as a civics lesson to the American public? You know, we need that. We need to remind people that you cannot trample the Bill of Rights. You cannot ignore your oath of office to protect the Constitution.”

You know, there’s no doubt that they committed a crime. Everybody admits it. When it was FISA, when they—you know, when they illegally eavesdropped, there’s no justification for that. It is a crime, and it’s a high crime. And it’s a high crime that’s prescribed, you know, for—as the basis for impeachment. And they ought to be impeached, just so that nobody does it again. We can’t just keep—you know, if somebody is murdered. You just don’t say, “Well, let it go, and move on. Nobody really wants to deal with a trial and all that problem.” It’s our responsibility as a generation to impeach these people now as a showcase, to show future presidents of the United States that the Bill of Rights is not something that can be trifled with, that the Bill of Rights is not just a luxury that we can no longer afford."

" Oh, I know. Well, I always say that Republicans are 95 percent corrupt, and the Democrats are 75 percent corrupt. And the level of corruption reflects the amount of money, of corporate money, they’re taking. I mean, they’ve got AT&T all over their bags, and they’ve got these clean coal signs that are, you know, up and down the streets, that you get mugged by these clean coal people who are apparently paying for half the convention. So, it’s very disturbing to me, Amy."

“We Need to Remind People that You Cannot Trample the Bill of Rights”–Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Calls for Impeachment

Rep. McDermott signs on to impeachment resolution

Below: Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy

John McCain thinks the economy is doing fine, and Americans are a bunch of "whiners". The 11th bank this year went under, and the Maverick's son just quietly resigned as a director of this same bank on July 29th, a little over a month ago! John McCain is a Maverick, because everyone knows the economy is sinking the worst since the Great Depression, and he doesn't! That's being a Maverick!

CBS: Bank Tied To John McCain's Son Goes Under; Andrew McCain Served On Silver State Bank's Board Until July Before Leaving; Bank's Failure Marks 11th Of The Year

NYTimes: Nevada regulators have shut down Silver State Bank in the 11th failure this year of a federally insured bank; NYTimes doesn't feel it's worth mentioning that the Mavericks son just resigned from this same bank July 29th.

John McCain was part of the Keating Five Scandal, for all you history buffs! His son is a "chip off the ole' Maverick"!!! What is the Keating Five Scandal? Click here...

Sarah Palin, as fiscally conservative as the record-setting federal spending Bush administration.

Washington Post: Palin billed state for spending Thanksgiving at college basketball game, husband's sled race, myriad nights spent at home

Obama doesn't believe poll that says 20-point swing among white women towards John McCain, and neither do I! I don't believe there's that many stupid women, do you? This poll (if it's true) is telling us that white women don't care about the issues and when they announced Sarah Palin as McCain's VP pick, white women said, "Oh! She has tits like Hillary! We're voting for HER!" Bullshit!!! Again, I do not know ONE PERSON who was for Hillary that is now voting from John McCain. I only hear this in the media: TV, radio, and newspapers. In real life, where are these supposed "disgruntled Hillary voters"? Why don't you start asking women you know, and see if you can find some of them!

Obama Doesn't Believe Polls Showing Women Voters Flocking to McCain-Palin


What democracy? Why isn't this on TV, radio, & newspapers? Not important enough?

Newly released video shows how easily electronic voting machines can be hacked, pried open

End of the world?

Large Hadron Collider to Go Online This Week Despite Death Threats. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will go online next week, unlocking the universe's great mysteries. Many are fearful it might create a disaster. According to the world's top scientists these fears are not justified. Despite death threats, fears, and anger among some people worldwide, the LHC's scientists plan to continue with its opening undeterred.

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