Thursday, September 11, 2008

Big Dan's Big News Sep 11, 2008

Today is 9/11, the day Republican president Bush and Republican Vice-President Cheney didn't keep 3,000 Americans safe! Bush/Cheney were president/vice-president on 9/11! The worst "terror" attack ever on American soil! Then they knowingly lied us into the Iraq War by falsely linking Sadaam Hussein to 9/11, which they had planned before 9/11! Bush, Cheney, and the whole Bush administration should be in JAIL right now! Please check out my 9/11 links on the right!


Special commentary by Big Dan: "You can't put lipstick on a pig. You know, the PIG LIAR John McCain and the PIG LIAR Sarah Palin, and all the rest of the PIG LIAR REPUBLICANS!!!."

The Republican Party: the only party who works 24x7 to disenfranchize voters (mostly black and other minorities and young voters) instead of register them! Here we go again! In Florida and Michigan, two swing states!

Lipstick on a Pig! So here we go again, with Republican election officials making decisions that disproportionately will affect Democratic voters in a crucial election now rated as a tossup in the polls.

Lipstick on a Pig! Lose your house, lose your vote! The Michigan Republican Party plans on disenfranchizing African American voters who lost their houses to foreclosure!

Sarah Palin, a Republican like Bush & Cheney, putting on the lipstick...REAL THICK!!!


Keith Olbermann slams McCain, Bush, & Republicans on exploiting 9/11 on the anniversary of 9/11: "9/11 (trademark Republican Party)" Is there anything he says that isn't true? Absolutely not!


Thanks to all the hard-working petitioners who have spent months on this historice effort, we have now gathered over 30,000 signatures of NYCregistered voters!

This is the minimum requirement to submit a ballot initiative to NY City Council. Now the foundation has been established. From here we will build and create a winning campaign that will result in placing the Initiative for a new, independent, comprehensive 9/11 investigation on the ballot in 2009. Read on...

NYC 9/11 Initiative: Calling all New York City residents
and supporters of truth and justice!


Excellent! At least watch the first 5 minutes of how FOX attacks Obama in 2008 like Kerry in 2004!

"Meet The Bloggers" with guest host Henry Rollins: "The Role Of Media In The Election" Only on DISH channel 9415 Free Speech TV (comes with EVERY PACKAGE, even the basic package). I got DISH satellite because it's better and cheaper than cable and it came with a free DVR. I accidentally tuned into FSTV, and it's the best channel on TV.


GRITtv with Laura Flanders (who is she? she's great!), only on DISH channel 9415 Free Speech TV:

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