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The Shock Doctrine

NAOMI KLEIN: Well, the thesis of my book, what I mean by the “shock doctrine,” is that it is in times of crisis, it is in times when people are panicked, when we’ve seen again and again the right push through radical pro-corporate policies, what they call “free market reforms,” precisely because it is in a crisis where the space for debate rapidly closes, and you can invoke this state of emergency to say we have no choice.

And I think we’re seeing a very dramatic example of this tactic right now with this really extortionist kind of tactics playing out in Washington. You know, “Sign this blank check, or we’re all going down, or Main Street is going down, or taxpayers—you know, the sky will fall in on them.”

I’m also arguing that this is only stage one of the shock doctrine. They’re getting this—they’re lobbying for this huge bailout, obviously, but this bailout is a kind of a time bomb, because it’s all these bad debts, and they are going to explode on the next administration. I mean, we know that the Bush administration has already left the next administration with huge debt and deficit problems. They’ve just exploded those, expanded them. And what that means is that whoever the next president is is going to be inheriting this economic crisis that is being exacerbated by this bailout.

So, in the case of McCain, I think—if he’s the president, then I think we know what he’ll do, because we know he wants to privatize Social Security, which is something that Wall Street’s been wanting for a long time, another bubble. We know he has said in the next—in the first 100 days of his administration he’ll look at every program and either reform it or shut it down. This is really a recipe for economic shock therapy.

Naomi Klein: “Now Is the Time to Resist Wall Street’s Shock Doctrine”

Watch the criminals Henry Paulson & Ben Bernanke get grilled by congress about this "Shock Doctrine" legislation:

Get Out the Pitchforks and Lighted Torches: Protest at Wall St. This Thursday at 4 p.m.


John McCain's Keating Five Problem In 97 Seconds (VIDEO)

There's something funny going on here with McCain! Sunday: McCain Endorses Bailout... Tuesday: McCain Says He Hasn't Actually Read Bailout Plan... Wednesday: Obama Leads In Polls, McCain "Suspends" Campaign To Focus Exclusively On Bailout...Then Tapes Interview With Katie Couric...

McCain's Financial Crisis Timeline

Message to Jack Cafferty from Big Dan: The financial crisis is precisely why McCain and Palin want to cancel the debates, because they have no economic knowledge whatsoever and they will be made fools of in front of America!

Cafferty: Don't cancel the debate; Now is precisely the time for Senators McCain and Obama to have a debate

If John McCain can’t juggle a debate with Barack Obama while simultaneously working on these economic issues, how can he possibly handle the multiple world crises that inevitably come with the presidency?

As McCain suspends campaigning, aide accidentally e-mails bailout talking points to media

...and then we have the McCain campaign proposing cancelling the VP debates too??? What exactly is going on here???

McCain camp to propose postponing VP debate


● "And how does one keep looking that good when one is that busy?," [Pakistani Information Minister Sherry] Rehman asked, drawing friendly laughter from the room when she complimented Palin.
● "Oh, thank you," Palin said.
● Pakistan's recently-elected president, Asif Ali Zardari, entered the room seconds later. Palin rose to shake his hand, saying she was “honored” to meet him.
● Zardari then called her "gorgeous" and said: "Now I know why the whole of America is crazy about you."
● "You are so nice," Palin said, smiling. "Thank you."
● A handler from Zardari's entourage then told the two politicians to keep shaking hands for the cameras.
● "If he's insisting, I might hug," Zardari said. Palin smiled politely.
● The Alaska governor did not answer questions from reporters...

Pakistani President to Palin: 'You're Gorgeous'; And Other Details From the Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate's Question-Free Photo-Op 'Meetings' With Foreign Leaders...

Pakistan’s president tells Palin she is ‘gorgeous’

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