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Big Dan's Big News Sep 25, 2008

The American public being played like a fiddle by Bush, McCain, Rove, and the Republicans? They're trying to blame the Democrats for decades of Republican corporate financial deregulation which began with Ronald Reagan!

Was this whole "emergency meeting" called by Bush, a Rovian political strategy, a "photo-op" for John McCain, so lame-duck Bush who has nothing to lose would appear to side with the Democrats on a bailout, with McCain and the Republicans staging a revolt to be "on the side of the taxpayers"??? Apparently, the Democrats think it was...and it's becoming obvious that Bush called a meeting that was planned to fail after an initial agreement was reached. Who's playing who here??? What exactly is going on??? There's definitely something funny going on, and it's all politics!!! Ask yourself this question: if an agreement was publicly announced...and THEN there was a "Republican Revolt", that means the Republicans waited to "revolt" until after an agreement was reached! DUH!!!!!!!

Question: Did anyone ask any of the "Revolting Republicans" why they originally agreed to a deal...and THEN "revolted"??? Are the "Revolting Republicans" revolting against themselves???

Democrats accuse Bush/Republicans of having this emergency meeting of congress and the president for a McCain campaign photo-op; they weren't serious at all about pounding out a deal!
"John McCain did nothing to help, he only hurt the process," the senior Democrat said at a joint news conference with Senate banking committee chairman Christopher Dodd.

Barney Frank, the Democratic chair of the House of Representatives financial services committee, said: "I think this was a campaign ploy for Senator McCain.

The meeting convened by Bush was a "photo op and political theater that had nothing to do with us getting to work," Dodd said.

McCain blamed as US economic rescue deal staggers

Dodd says White House meeting was a disaster

Sep. 23rd HuffPo article: This Rescue/Bailout Plan looks to be a "KKKarl Rove ELECTION Ruse" to blame the Democrats for the "Trillion Dollar - No Questions Asked - Give Away to the Rich on Wall Street. The fascist right/ red-neck blogs are telling the Rethugs not to vote for passage on this - then it can be used as ammunition against the "Tax and Spend Lib-er-rules" down the road.

The above Sep. 23rd HuffPo article was written 3 days before this AP article below, predicting an orchestrated Bush "emergency meeting" along with a staged Republican revolt. Now, how could someone predict something like that and be correct? Nice job on the "spot-on" prediction, HuffPo guy who predicted this! AP is part of the GOP propaganda as usual below (or they're just plain stupid, both are bad...):

AP: Amid GOP revolt, bailout deal breaks down

Maddow: McCain using the Rove campaign playbook

McCain LIES about suspending his campaign due to the financial crisis.

Protesters gather on Wall St. amid historic White House meeting

John McCain's presidential campaign has become increasingly adamant this week that campaign manager Rick Davis has had nothing to do with the consulting and lobbying firm he founded since signing on for the White House bid two years ago.

So why does it look like McCain's own campaign paid Davis's firm in lieu of putting him directly on their payroll?

Firm top McCain aide 'quit' was paid $90K by campaign

Rachel Maddow: McCain using the Bush/Rove playbook (interesting: McCain campaign workers are "ghost-writing" mailbag letters to newspapers, pretending they're regular people writing letters to the papers)

Daily Show gets it right again; John McCain's suspended campaign was a political ploy:

McCain Returns to Washington; John McCain is the only man who can impulsively overreact to something 10 days old.

Awkward Loan Interview; Henry Paulson and Ben Bernanke appear in Congress with hat in hand for the world's most awkward loan interview ever.


There's no need to start manufacturing all sorts of scare scenarios about Bush canceling elections or the imminent declaration of martial law or anything of that sort. None of that is going to happen with a single brigade and it's unlikely in the extreme that they'd be announcing these deployments if they had activated any such plans. The point is that the deployment is a very dangerous precedent, quite possibly illegal, and a radical abandonment of an important democratic safeguard. As always with first steps of this sort, the danger lies in how the power can be abused in the future.

Glenn Greenwald: Why is a U.S. Army brigade being assigned to the "Homeland"?

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