Friday, September 12, 2008

Big Dan's Big News Sep 12, 2008

Special commentary by Big Dan: "This is to the vast majority of Americans: Are you better off now than you were before the last 8 years of a Republican administration, Bush/Cheney? Have these things affected you, they all happened under the Republican Bush administration: 9/11, high gas prices, higher education and less aid, kids leaving college with 6-figure loans or close to it, the Iraq War, the Afghanistan War, health care prices, lack of health care coverage, do you have more income to buy non-necessities, did Bush's tax cuts give you a huge amount of money, is more of your income used to buy just the necessities (food, gas, water, electricity, mortgage, bills), the foreclosure crisis, Katrina, job outsourcing, have you been receiving high raises at your job the last 8 years, highest federal spending ever by a president, highest deficits, 11 FDIC banks went under, skyrocketting illegal immigration...all of these things happened in the last 8 years under the Bush administration! John McCain and Sarah Palin are also Republicans! Are you better off in the last 8 years? Did anything in the list or the entire list above affect you? If you want another 4 years of all of this, vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin! She gutted a moose, after all. Is that what you think is important? She gutted a moose?" McCain and Palin ARE "lipstick on a pig", and the pig is the Grand Old Pig: the GOP, the Republican Party! Liars!!!

When Sarah Palin was mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, rape victims had to pay for their own rape kits, the only town in Alaska that made rape victims pay for their own rape kits. Joe Biden introduced legislation so rape victims wouldn't have to pay (sometimes $1,000) for their own rape kits...ever...and in 2007 John McCain voted against it! Sarah Palin will gut womens' rights like she gutted that moose!


Drill, baby, drill! Bush-administration era Interior Department officials engaged in, with oil company executives they were regulating: sex, drugs, bribery, and accepting lavish gifts! And YOU think we should let oil companies "DRILL, BABY, DRILL"! How stupid can you be? You aren't this stupid, are you?

An internal probe has uncovered a major bribery, sex and drug abuse scandal at the Department of Interior. Government officials were found to have collected lavish gifts from the oil companies they were supposed to be regulating. Some officials engaged in sex and drug use with oil industry executives. Inspector General Earl Devaney says the Bush administration-era Interior Department has had “a culture of ethical failure.” From 2002 to 2006 (bd: when the Republicans controlled the House, the Senate, and the presidency!), one-third of fifty-five staffers at the Denver office of the Mineral Management Service accepted bribes from oil companies. The companies involved include Chevron, Shell and Hess. Former MMS associate director Lucy Denett was the highest-ranking official to be accused. Investigators found she worked with two aides to steer a lucrative contract to one of the aides after he retired. Another MMS supervisor was found to have increased an employee’s performance award for selling him cocaine. The MMS is responsible for collecting royalties from oil companies that operate on federal and Native lands. The disclosures come as Congress prepares to consider Republican proposals to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for private drilling.

Probe Uncovers Oil Industry-Linked Bribery, Sex, Drug Abuse at Interior Dept.


LIES! LIES! LIES! John McCain AND Sarah Palin are LIARS!!!

The (liar) Sarah Palin/ABC interview, the latest a VP has ever been interviewed by "the press". She gutted a moose, and she'll GUT YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NEXT, if you don't do something about it! And she'll "drill, baby, drill" right into your childrens' and grandchildrens' bank accounts...if the banks don't go belly-up like the 11 FDIC banks that did just that so far this year! The all time biggest spending administration in history is the Bush administration! They're all fiscally conservative Republicans! Pay attention!

Above: LIARS Sarah "Moose Gutter" Palin, and John "Reformed Maverick" McCain, the "LIARS in Chief"!!! They should be ARRESTED for all the LIES in their ads and the LIES coming out of their mouths!!!

The ABC interview: Sarah Palin doesn't know what's going on! Sarah Palin doesn't know what she's talking about! John McCain picked her to be one heartbeat from the presidency! Therefore, John McCain shouldn't be president! He must know a stolen election is coming up, because he picked a totally unqualified nutjob liar for VP!

"And we've got to keep an eye on Russia. For Russia to have exerted such pressure in terms of invading a smaller democratic country, unprovoked, is unacceptable," she told Gibson.

Palin asked about the Bush Doctrine... She doesn't know what it is!

Palin on her National Security Credentials... It's about "energy independence". (What does she mean by that?)

Sarah Palin's Charlie Gibson ABC Interview: Video And Transcript

Photo catches McCain celebrating birthday with indicted con man (see video below)

US Joint Chiefs Chairman Admiral Michael Mullen has warned time was running out to defeat an intensifying insurgency in Afghanistan and said he was "not convinced we're winning" in the country. (bd: with 8 years of Bush/Cheney at the helm, longer than WWII)

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