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Big Dan's Big News June 1, 2008

Faculty members of Furman University wear shirts that read "WE OBJECT" as President Bush delivers the commencement address at the university in Greenville, S.C., Saturday, May 31, 2008.

GREENVILLE, S.C. (AP) - President Bush, ignoring faculty members who stood in silent protest of his commencement speech, admitted Saturday that when he left college, thinking about how to be a "model citizen" was the furthest thing from his mind.


White House doesn't deny McClellan's Bush-to-Libby leak allegation

Conyers mulls hearings over McClellan revelations


Karl Rove used the Dept. of Justice to jail someone just because he was a Democrat! Just like a 3rd world country taking political prisoners!

A bipartisan group of 54 former state attorneys general from across the country has filed a federal appeals brief supporting former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman's bid to overturn his criminal conviction.


Clinton associates: "She's coming to terms with loss"

The big drama now facing the Democratic Party in the presidential contest is how, when and even whether Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton will depart the race.

The Democratic Rules and Bylaws Committee decision on Saturday to seat the Florida and Michigan delegations to the Democratic conventions with their voting strength cut in half is a major boost for Barack Obama, and a clear signal that the long and bitter fight for the nomination is on the verge of ending.

Puerto Rico Primary: Voters Head To The Polls

Framing Obama as an Arrogant Intellectual Elitist, When In Reality He Was a Successful Striver from a Family of Modest Means. Ironically, Obama has done exactly what conservatives preach: pulled himself up to the top by his own hard work, and taken advantages of his God-given gifts. (99)

It started yesterday when the RNC put out a statement slamming Obama for referring to Auschwitz as he related a family story on Memorial Day. Instead of merely asking for clarification, the RNC smeared Obama's "dubious claim," and suggested -- tongue in cheek -- that perhaps Obama's uncle "was serving in the Red Army." They went on to say that the story raised questions "about his judgment and his readiness to lead as commander in chief."

It turns out that Obama's great uncle -- the brother of the grandmother who largely raised him -- served in the 89th Infantry Division of the United States Army, which liberated Ohrdruf, part of Buchenwald. But astonishingly, that only served to fan the flames for those on the right who saw an attempt to use the heroic service of Obama's uncle against him. In their breathless attempt to damage Obama, Fox News has stooped to a level that is truly depressing.

This morning on the program Fox and Friends, one of the hosts said: "It wasn't Auschwitz. It was a labor camp called Buchenwald." Just in case the point was missed, she repeated. "It wasn't Auschwitz, it was a labor camp. You would think you would want to be as specific as possible if you are telling one of these anecdotes." Meanwhile, a news "crawl" at the bottom of the screen reinforced, in bold letters, that this was "a work camp, rather than an extermination camp." ( below)

Using the Holocaust to Smear Obama


Carl Pope and Van Jones (episode 1)

In any other profession, Carl Pope might be considered a "company man." He has worked loyally and tirelessly in the name of the Sierra Club for thirty years, running the organization – the largest of its kind in the country – since 1992. Van Jones has founded several organizations within the last decade, including The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights and Green For All. They both live in the Bay Area. They both care intensely about saving the environment. The thing is, they use very distinct methods, although the lines differentiating those methods are blurring as we race further into the 21st century. From the environment to the economy, from old fashioned door-to-door fliers to streaming internet video, Pope and Jones discuss the myriad elements effecting our lives today and the many possible solutions that are nearly within reach. (25 min)


Do you trust what these two people say? Michael Chertoff & Rita Katz.

The United States spends upwards of $50 BILLION DOLLARS per year investigating and spying on various "evil-doers" that supposedly mean us harm.

To help in this search, agencies like the CIA, the FBI and the NSA employ tens of thousands of people, working nonstop, 24/7, 365 days per year.

Yet, with all this money, sophisticated equipment and personnel, we led to believe that it was the S.I.T.E., group, with a total of TWO people, Katz and Devon, who time and again are able to infiltrate various "terrorists" networks and abscond with some of their deepest, darkest secrets?

More "scarey Arab" media stories, brought to you by our conflict of interest dual-Israeli/American citizenship duo of Michael Chertoff & SITE's Rita Katz; they probably figure they have to put out some "scarey Arab" stories in lieu of McClellan's book coming out! Always look for "Chertoff" and "...according to SITE" for "scarey Arab" stories! Always when they want to knock something big off the front page, or during an election!

Need a FAKE Bin Laden video from the deceased Osama Bin Laden around election time? Rita Katz's SITE will "happen to find one" for you! Complete with no gray in his beard anymore! He's using Grecian formula for men! It's "merely a coincidence" that Chertoff & Katz have heavy Israeli ties, right? Remember when they said that Iraqi women with "Down's Syndrome" were blowing themselves up, then that story turned out to be FALSE, and denied by our military?

Can you tell corporate media bullshit stories when you see them? Trying to scare you or make a group of people look bad? Usually by another group of people who have a vested interest in making them look bad? "According to SITE........." Let's examine this SITE group a little closer, before parading them around as "experts"...WHO said this SITE group are "experts" of any sort???

Israeli Connected SITE Institute Hypes Dead Grecian Formula Terrorist.

Two years ago, CBS "60 Minutes" linked a chicken farm in Georgia to terrorists. Turns out the source of the organization: SITE or Search for International Terrorist Entities, is a bogus front funded by pro-Bush War on Terror backers.

Israeli-connected Chertoff & SITE group bringing up 'scarey Arabs' again, maybe because of McClellan's book?

More 'scarey Arab' stories from SITE/Chertoff: Al-Qaida's Stance On Women Sparks Extremist Debate

Booo! Scared ya! Watch out for the "scary Arabs"! And forget about McClellan's book! $4 gas, the Iraq War, horrifically expensive & bad health care, and Bush admitting to being in on the torture orders!

Following Zakheim and Pentagon trillions to Israel and 9-11

The American State Department has withdrawn all Fulbright grants to Palestinian students in Gaza hoping to pursue advanced degrees at American institutions this fall because Israel has not granted them permission to leave.


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