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Big Dan's Big News June 16, 2008

Ron Popeil...WHOOPS! I mean, John McCain greets FOX "news" stacked infomercial crowd of McCain-only supporters to sell veg-o-matic.

McCain "Town Hall" meeting was an infomercial! It wasn't a "Town Hall" meeting! But that's "OK"...if you're a kook-aid drinking Republican! That's "fair and balanced"! The McCain campaign gave all the tickets to supporters, only! FOX "news" doesn't tell this to its viewers. That is called an "infomercial"!
The meeting’s audience was comprised entirely of Senator McCain’s supporters, and the broadcasting rights were granted exclusively to Fox News, who also relinquished editorial control of the broadcast.

Kurtz: Town hall meeting was ‘Fox infomercial for John McCain’

“You’ve got the audience respectfully asking questions–the candidate can give his own answer without any fear of interruption, or anything like that. These are very patsy events, and I think…they’re not necessarily a very good idea.”

McCain Stacks Fox News 'Town Hall' With Supporters

FOX "news" says, "The questions and mood were decidedly favorable, as his jabs at Obama were frequently interrupted by applause." Of course! Because the entire audience was made up of McCain supporters! That is an infomercial! But, don't forget, that's "OK" if you're a kook-aid drinking Republican backer! Shhhh! Let's not mention this!

FOX "news" "fair & balanced" account of McCain's "Town Hall" (wink wink) meeting...

McCain trying to trick people during his campaign, just like Bush did!

Earlier this week, the non-partisan Tax Policy Center released a paper showing that Sen. Barack Obama’s (D-IL) tax plan “offers three times the break for middle class families” than the proposals of Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), which “would steer the bulk of the benefits to the wealthiest families.”

Fascist neo-cons want to undermine the Supreme Court ruling, restoring Habeus Corpus to people. Why is William Kristol, who is not an elected official, always on TV so much and his opinion so important? Or should I say, why is ANBCBSNNX MAKING his opinion seem so important? This is exactly why I watch Free Speech TV on DISH channel 9415, because I don't want William Kristol's opinion forced down my throat by the corporate owned/controlled media, who are also owned by War Profiteers! William Kristol: SHUT THE FUCK UP! YOU weren't ever elected to anything! You have been WRONG about everything, no one should listen to you! You pushed the Iraq War on us! You have too much influence because of corporate TV!

Kristol: McCain And Graham Plan To Introduce Legislation Undermining Supreme Court Decision On Guantanamo


Somehow, Congress had neglected to fund the Election Assistance Commission, a small group with a massive task: coordinating one of the most sweeping voter reform packages in decades. "It sounds incredible, but it's true," said Paul DeGregorio, a Republican from Missouri and former commission chairman.

'100 years to recover from Bush' "We live in a dictatorship. We have a fascist government ...which controls the media," says writer Gore Vidal.

Legal Drugs Kill Far More Than Illegal, Florida Says (h/t Dredd)

Michael Reagan, radio talk show host and son of late president Ronald Reagan, could be investigated by the FBI after he called for the execution of Mark Dice, anti-war activist and founder of media watchdog group The Resistance, on the air.

Anyone smell a false flag coming up? First we have Scalia saying this, now Gingrich. The Republicans, when they don't get their way, use veiled threats to scare people. Remember? Gingrich had the "Contract on America". We have Ronald Reagan's son calling for the execution of an anti-war activist above, and Scalia and Gingrich making veiled threats against us if they don't get their way. We don't want these people running our country! More scare tactics from the Republicans who "know what's best for you":

Gingrich: Supreme Court decision ‘could cost us a city’

I say we waterboard Scalia & Gingrich, and put them in Gitmo and let them see what it's like! They'll be just like a lot of others there: held with no charges and probably innocent of anything. OOPS! Scalia and Gingrich are guilty of pissing all over the constitution and Habeus Corpus! I forgot! They can discard any laws that made this country great, if they say they're "saving us from the terrorists." "Big Government conservatives" know what's best for you! Forget about the constitution! They know best! How about this: what GOOD are our laws and the constitution, if we only follow them when everything is fine! The REASON for them, is that they stand up during TOUGH TIMES!

Former Army Secretary: From The Moment Guantanamo Opened, It Was Obvious That At Least A Third Of The Prisoners Didn't Belong There

America's prison for terrorists often held the wrong men

A record 35 million people voted for a non-white male during the primary. Mabye America just isn't ready for another white male president!


Why is gas cheaper in Mexico?

If there's pain at the pump in the U.S., Mexico may just have a remedy. A gallon of regular unleaded gasoline in San Diego retails for an average price of $4.61 a gallon. A few miles south, in Tijuana, it's about $2.54 — even less if you pay in pesos.

'Scab' driver burned in his lorry as European protests against high fuel prices turn violent (stolen from 99; no hat tip, just a burglary...she better get LifeLock!)

The New Daily NEPA/AAA DAILY GAS RECORD: $3.86/gallon-$57/tank; $1.46/gallon-$21/tank when oilmen Bush/Cheney took office

Scranton--Wilkes-Barre--Hazleton Regular Mid Premium Diesel
Current $4.028 $4.246 $4.434 $4.915
Yesterday $4.023 $4.241 $4.429 $4.912
Month Ago $3.756 $3.959 $4.134 $4.634
Year Ago $2.948 $3.108 $3.246 $2.931

Highest Recorded Price:

Regular Unl. $4.028 6/15/2008
Dsl. $4.940 5/31/2008


Is this a moral problem? (ht/ Sherlock)

--This question is a litmus test. It is attributed to John Rawls, liberal theorist from the 1970s. Free market and laissez faire conservatives see no problem - they think it's "in the nature of things" that some people have more than they know what to do with, while others live with scarcity. For them, the inequality is simply not an issue.

Next, there are people who say it's a technical problem of not enough food being grown to keep everybody in abundance, not a moral problem.

But liberals see it differently. Liberals feel there is something wrong with a system (city, nation) which in total, contains enough food for everybody, but not everyone is able to get it. The situation is unjust.

Liberalism - the left - rests on moral judgments. A prime moral is justice.

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