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Big Dan's Big News June 10, 2008

Impeachment articles against Bush introduced by Dennis Kucinich. Not ONE THING in both my papers today about it!

THIS is the top story! And here's your proof that the corporate owned & controlled media is against YOU. Did you see this in the papers this morning? I didn't! Articles of impeachment introduced in front of congress against president Bush is not a big story to the corporate media! But, remember what a huge story Bill Clinton's impeachment was? Impeachment for a blowjob vs. impeachment for lying us into a war...the impeachment for a blowjob was a bigger story! The corporate media is owned by the same companies that make the bombs for the war! Wake up!

An Ohio Democratic lawmaker and former presidential candidate has presented articles of impeachment against President George W. Bush to Congress. Thirty-five articles were presented by Rep. Dennis Kucinich to the House of Representatives late Monday evening, airing live on C-SPAN.


Few Americans are familiar with the proposed treaty. If they were, they might be shocked at its provisions, ashamed about its naked sadism. It:

● grants the U.S. long-term rights to maintain over 50 military bases in their California-sized country
● allows the U.S. to strike any other country from within Iraqi territory without the permission of the Iraqi government
● allows the U.S. to conduct military activities in Iraq without consulting with the local government
● allows U.S. forces to arrest any Iraqi without consulting with Iraqi authorities
● extends to U.S. troops and contracters immunity from Iraqi law
● gives U.S. forces control of Iraqi airspace below 29,000ft.
● places the Iraqi Defense, Interior and National Security ministries, under American supervision for ten years
● gives the U.S. responsibility for Iraqi armament contracts for ten years

Humiliating, right? The sort of conditions most Americans can’t imagine themselves accepting from a foreign occupying power.

Cheney Enrages Iraqis Over Security Deal

Majority Of Iraqi Legislators Call For Timetable For U.S. Withdrawal

US Wants 58 Bases In Iraq, Shiite Lawmakers Say

Bush administration fights to prevent testing for mad cow diease

Snapshots From Anti-US Beef Candle Vigils. Scores of street journalists covered the event live for the first time. Some quater-million protestors stormed the main street of downtown Seoul on June 6, in the first day of a 72-hour-long marathon candle vigil against the import of US beef.

Embezzlement charges were announced Friday against a former manager for the Federal Emergency Management Agency in Selma.

Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan, whose scathing memoir about his time in the Bush administration sent waves through Washington D.C., has agreed to testify before the House Judiciary Committee, a senior committee official told The Huffington Post.

The wife U.S. Republican John McCain callously left behind

A group that supports public financing of campaigns filed a federal complaint against John McCain's presidential campaign Monday, calling for an investigation into two financial transactions involving two top McCain aides.


Like lawn ornaments in summer, protesters outside the local abortion clinic are fixtures in many places.

Their presence and message have long been so predictable that, without looking or listening, people believe they understand the point. So you might not notice that the protest taking place outside your local clinic has fundamentally changed.

It is no longer about abortion. Saturday, June 7, is the anniversary of Griswold v. Connecticut, the 1965 Supreme Court decision that granted married people the right to use contraception. To mark the day, anti-abortion groups will take to their normal posts outside clinic entrances not to convince Americans to oppose abortion but rather to stop using contraception.

The organized "anti-abortion" movement has never been about "saving the pre-born": it has always been about controlling women. It is part of a worldwide war against women that has been waged with increasing repression and brutality across many cultures in recent years. George W. Bush has been one of the leaders of this war, adopting policies that have led to the unnecessary deaths of thousands of innocent women and children around the world. There is no doubt that John McCain will continue this savage conflict, for the same reason Bush has taken it on: to win the support -- and money -- of Christian extremists. As we noted earlier today, this is one of the few areas of profound difference between Obama and McCain.

ALL vs. NOW: Pill Protest Heating Up

Special commentary by Big Dan: "Let's find out how local NEPA Republicans running for congress, Chris Hackett & Lou Barletta, feel about banning contraceptives. I think they're purposely ignoring this subject!"

Let's see how the Republicans vote on this one! Are they FOR or AGAINST propaganda?

Democrats introduce bill to outlaw Pentagon propaganda

Contrary to the White House's claims, corrupt lobbyist Jack Abramoff had access to the highest reaches of the Bush administration and influenced numerous decisions within the executive branch, a draft report from the House Oversight Committee has concluded.

Unfortunately for the president, many historians have already reached a conclusion. In an informal survey of scholars this spring, just two out of 109 historians said Bush would be judged a success; a majority deemed him the "worst president ever."

Veteran intelligence reporter Walter Pincus asked Monday why a Senate Committee that just released a report assessing the Bush administrations pre-war claims didn't examine the set of White House insiders tasked with selling the Iraq invasion to the public.


Federal officials hunted for the source of a 17-state salmonella outbreak linked to three types of raw tomatoes, while the list of supermarkets and restaurants yanking those varieties from shelves and menus grew. McDonald's, Wal-Mart, Burger King, Kroger, Outback Steakhouse, Winn-Dixie and Taco Bell were among the companies that voluntarily withdrew red plum, red Roma or round red tomatoes unless they were grown in certain states and countries. In addition, officials at the Los Angeles Unified School District - the nation's second largest - said Monday they have "indefinitely suspended" serving uncooked tomatoes.


Stunning example of how the Democrats may be setting themselves up for failure AGAIN in 2008 if they continue to ignore the indisputable evidence of national election fraud that has ALREADY OCCURRED from courageous election experts and scholars such as Jonathan Simon, JD (respected statistician/ elections analyst.)


Our oilman "leader" and his oil administration don't lead...they sit around with their thumbs up his asses when it comes to doing someting about gas prices. They're too busy trying to drum up a war with Iran!

$5 gas by July!

US petrol tops $4 a gallon for first time. The average retail price of petrol in the US rose above $4 a gallon for the first time on Sunday, according to a daily survey by the AAA motoring organization.

Oil surges to biggest single-day advance. Oil prices recorded their biggest one-day advance to hit a record of more than $139 a barrel on Friday, as an unexpectedly bad US employment report upset the calculations of energy traders and triggered frenzied buying. The US reported the biggest rise in unemployment in 22 years – to 5.5 per cent in May.

NEPA gas prices:

The New Daily NEPA/AAA DAILY GAS RECORD: $3.86/gallon-$57/tank; $1.46/gallon-$21/tank when oilmen Bush/Cheney took office

Scranton--Wilkes-Barre--Hazleton Regular Mid Premium Diesel
Current $3.991 $4.207 $4.393 $4.924
Yesterday $3.975 $4.191 $4.376 $4.889
Month Ago $3.672 $3.871 $4.042 $4.471
Year Ago $2.997 $3.159 $3.299 $2.937

Highest Recorded Price:

Regular Unl. $3.991 6/10/2008
Dsl. $4.940 5/31/2008


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