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Big Dan's Big News June 14, 2008

Robert M. Lawless
Galowich-Huizenga Faculty Scholar
University of Illinois College of Law

Republicans fucking you up the ass again!

A funny thing happened to University of Illinois law professor Robert Lawless on his way to a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing this week. Lawless, an expert on credit and bankruptcy, was set to testify before the Committee on how the U.S. Supreme Court decisions affect people in their everyday lives. Lawless said he was looking forward to talking about how the high court's decisions in the financial services area sometimes take away state protections against deceptive lending practices.

The hearing had barely begun, when a REPUBLICAN senator used an obscure rule to stop the hearing! REPUBLICANS siding with big business against us! Again! Why would you vote Republican? Do what's right for YOU! Think for YOURSELF! And look at the evidence of how REPUBLICANS continue to fuck you up the ass! Why are you voting for them? You must believe the lies they're telling you in their campaigns when they run for office! John McCain is doing the same thing! Look at his voting record, not what he's saying! And why isn't this blasted all over the TV?

Republican voters: When does the time come for you, when you say to yourself, "OK, I know I'm a Republican, but these guys are screwing me up the ass!" How many excuses are you going to make for "your guys" against your own interests? What are they doing FOR YOU? What if a Repubican simply stole your wallet, would you say, "That's OK, he's a Republican and so am I!"??? They are NOT ON YOUR SIDE! They recently stopped a bill penalizing Big Oil for gouging us, and stopped a bill to extend unemployment! Why would you vote AGAINST YOUR OWN INTERESTS? I have to say it, I have no choice, you're just STUPID! What else can I say? (h/t 99)

So much for free speech!

Professor Lawless: "On the previous day, a Republican senator had used the same tactic to shut down a hearing about whether coercive interrogation tactics--a polite term for "torture"--were effective. As one of the spectators in the hearing quipped afterwards, you know you have a hit a nerve when the same tactics as were used in the torture debates are being used to silence those who would speak in favor of stronger protections of consumers."

Professor describes what happened in his own words...

Activism...sign the petition! Say "NO" to Senator Kit Bond, Republican of Missouri, who is now proposing a complete overhaul of FISA. He calls it a "compromise," but we call it a catastrophe. It includes unlimited warrantless wiretapping for the executive branch for the next six years—without meaningful judicial oversight—and also grants retroactive immunity to the telecom companies that are alleged to have helped the Bush Administration wiretap us without the warrants required by FISA.

First Karl Rove, now FOX "news" (or the Republican Broadcasting Network) hires Mike Huckabee as a commentator! It's as simple as this: if you're a Republican, you have your own slanted news network...that claims to be "Fair and Balanced"! If you think FOX "news" is "Fair and Balances", you just might be a Republican!

Southern Cross

Former Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee has been hired by Fox News Channel as a political commentator, and Fox's critics are certain to raise the roof at the network's taking on another key supporter of Senator John McCain. Fox previously drew fire after hiring Karl Rove, a former senior adviser to President Bush, as a political analyst in February.


What's the matter? Afraid to look at what we're really doing to the people over in Iraq? Where's all the "pro-life" hypocrites on this one? This war would stop in a second, if the corporate media's owners who are war profiteers, showed you things like this and the coffins coming home...but they're blacklisted. Don't worry about it! Just don't look at it!

"After denying it at first, the Pentagon admitted in November 2005 that white phosphorous, a restricted incendiary weapon, was used a year earlier in Fallujah. In addition, depleted uranium (DU) munitions, which contain low-level radioactive waste, were used heavily in Fallujah. The Pentagon admits to having used 1,200 tons of DU in Iraq thus far."

The war in Iraq is of course a political issue, both domestically and internationally, and so it is natural that much of the discussion about the war centers on its various political ramifications. But in these heated debates on policy, strategy, funding, etc., there is always a danger of losing sight of the most overwhelmingly important aspect of the conflict: its effects on actual human beings, the suffering it imposes on our fellow creatures. The reality of war is written on the bodies – and seared into the anguished psyches – of the individuals who experience it. That is what war is, that is where it actually exists – in blood, in bone, in the synapses that carry the electric fire of human consciousness.

(click here to read more)

'Special Weapons' Have a Fallout on Babies in Fallujah

The Gates of Hell

(h/t z)


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