Friday, June 20, 2008

ATTENTION WOMEN VOTERS: NEPA's "Feminist Fraudster" WILK's Steve Corbett

NEPA's self-proclaimed "feminist" and self-proclaimed "women's rights activist" WILK's Steve Corbett is in reality doing the most harm of anyone in the area against women. He came into the area with a show as a uniter, making people of all points of view feel comfortable. For example, on the illegal immigration issue, he was for the immigrants, but attracted a lot of people against the illegal immigration issue and didn't alienate them when the spoke.

Then, the Democratic primary came to town in Pa. and so did the Corbett "Whoring For Hillary" show. He turned from uniter to divider. He was pro-Hillary, but alienated Obama backers. This continued for weeks and months and that is all he talked about, forsaking local issues which were his forte. He never had a kind word to say about Obama, he still doesn't even though the primary is over.

He's talked about Obama smoking, Obama not hiring union workers, Obama being sexist, Obama calling a woman "sweetie" (or something like that), giving Floyd Brown (Willie Horton ad) a forum to bash Obama...all his subjects are negative towards Obama. But now that Hillary has dropped out and Obama is the Democratic candidate, his continual Obama bashing is now helping McCain instead of Hillary. And John McCain has an anti-women's rights voting track record (see my excerpt below). Today, he's talking about how Obama is offending Muslims by his staff supposedly asking 2 Muslim women who were sitting near him during a speech to remove their Muslim garb. Corbett supplies his own "remedy" to this: ask them to attend his next speech in full Muslim attire. Corbett's not stupid, he knows the mere mention of "Obama" and "Muslim" is intended to hurt Obama. Much like Bush kept mentioning "Sadaam" and "9/11" together continually. Then when is was exposed that there was no connection between Sadaam and 9/11, Bush said, "I never said Sadaam did 9/11." It's called "association" by continually bringing up two things in the same breath. Corbett can't go one single day on his show without a topic that is intended to hurt Obama. And he's giving John McCain's horrendous record a free pass by ignoring it. Corbett's constant drumbeat against Obama also a drumbeat against womens rights.

The section below starting with "Women Give John McCain a ZERO" was cut from a previous post of mine on John McCain's women's rights record. This is the man WILK's "Feminist Fraudster" Steve Corbett is helping get elected by his continual Obama bashing and his ignoring John McCain's horrid record against women. If John McCain is elected president, he will continue the Bush administrations' assault on womens' rights and then the Corbett will probably say that John McCain is continuing the Bush administrations' assault womens' rights and setting them back to era before they were allowed to vote.

Attention women: you'll know who to blame: people like "Feminist Fraudster" Steve Corbett!

Women Give John McCain a ZERO!

John McCain's record on reproductive rights couldn't be more appalling. There, we said it! We said it because the corporate media won't confront McCain on the real issues in this election. They won't tell you, for instance, that McCain has consistently received a big fat zero from NARAL on its pro-choice scorecard. Nor will they tell you that McCain has flip-flopped on Roe v. Wade and now supports overturning this all-too-crucial case.

Because the corporate media has failed to do its job, we have to work extra hard to do ours. And so we've created McCain's Clinic, a sneak peek at what a women's health clinic could look like if McCain were elected, and now it's up to YOU to send it to all the women you know.

John McCain's anti-choice record (pdf); he voted anti-choice 123 of 128 votes!

Planned Parenthood Action Fund Launches Radio Ad. Criticizing Sen. McCain’s Commitment to Overturn Roe v. Wade

Sen. John McCain served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1983 to 1986 and in the U.S. Senate from 1987 to present. During his four years in the House, then-Rep. McCain cast 11 votes on abortion and other reproductive-rights issues. Ten of these votes were anti-choice. In the Senate, through 2006, Sen. McCain cast 117 votes on abortion and other reproductive-rights issues, 113 of which were anti-choice.

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