Saturday, June 21, 2008

Big Dan's Big News June 21, 2008

Excuse me! But this is proof that the Iraq War of LIES was definitely about oil:

Deals with Iraq are set to bring oil giants back: Exxon Mobil, Shell, Total and BP.

The Iraq War was the biggest theft of the century, fascism at its height. With fascism, they create the fake reason, the War on Terror, to cover what they're really doing, using our military and tax money to enrich themselves with war profits in a never-ending "War on Terror"...they thought of the perfect, permanent thing! Keep waving your flags, you idiots! 100 Iraqi civilians and 2 American soldiers a day die there (it's really safe after 6 years) to enrich our U.S. rulers' friends & families' bank accounts.

Iraq didn't do 9/11, in case you didn't know. It was recently exposed in the news that the Bush administration knowingly and deceptively turned Osama-9/11 into Sadaam-Iraq in order to attack them, and now we know beyond a doubt why they did it. U.S. rulers and war profiteers, namely Big Oil, are now forcing the Iraqi people to sign over their oil to them! What does this "agreement" have to do with bringing Iraq freedom and democracy? Or non-existent WMD's? Do you think the Iraqi people want to give their oil to Exxon Mobil, Shell, Total, BP, and Chevron? Condi Rice's old company Chevron? If you believe that, you are stupid and shouldn't be allowed to vote!

And you kook-aid drinking idiots out there who vote for these criminals and then make excuses and apologize for them, and you think they're "on your side" or they're "your guys" because you're a Republican voter, better wake the hell up! What do they have to do for you to realize they're screwing all of us, and you too? Shoot you in the head? They're making FOOLS out of you! It's all about MONEY, not TERRORISM! They want you to wave a flag and shout "Freedom" and say that the people telling you the truth are "against the troops." And they stacked the media deck with cheerleaders like their multi-millionaire spokesman Rush Limbaugh, and the Pentagon's pre-war propaganda campaign on ANBCBSNNX corporate media, who are all owned by the same war profiteers!

How Bush Helped Establish a Corporate 'New World Order'. 'Terrorism' is merely the pretext cited by George W. Bush to begin a series of oil wars that John McCain says may last '10,000 years'. Bush has helped his corporate 'base' create a 'New World Order' in which robber barons of big oil, assisted by 'big media', rule the world and plunder its resources. Bush is their tool!


Republican voters and Rush Limbaugh fans who aren't really conservatives will wave their flags on this one!

Constitutional expert: FISA bill 'is an evisceration of the Fourth Amendment'

House votes to expand Bush wiretap powers, telecom immunity

'Strange bedfellows' team up to lobby against wiretap bill

On the occasion of this 26th – Summer 2008 Special – edition of the Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin, the LEAP/E2020 team has decided to launch an alert on the July-December 2008 period. Indeed, our team is now convinced that this period will consist for the whole world in a major plunge into the heart of the phase of impact of the global systemic crisis. The upcoming six months are in fact the core of the unfolding crisis. The troubles met in the past six months were mere harbingers (h/t z).

The Dow Jones industrial average gave up more than 200 points to end at its lowest level in three months.


This is Friday's Democracy NOW! news on DISH channel 9410 & 9415, and DirecTV channel 275. It's not corporate owned. It's showing the important news you need to know that corporate ANBCBSNNX is not showing you...on purpose! Watch this and compare it to ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, & FOX and see what they're not telling you. Corporations that are profitting from the war, also own ANBCBSNNX. Don't be stupid!


Comedy: Another "Mr. Show"; the "The Hail Satan Network":

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