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Big Dan's Big News June 26, 2008

Joe Lieberman: the new Zell Miller!

Joe Lieberman is a war hawk, plain and simple. He staunchly supports George Bush's War in Iraq and John McCain's plan to stay in Iraq for 100 years. But Lieberman's new alliance with the Republican Party runs even deeper. He has endorsed and stumped for McCain, wants to be the star of the Republican National Convention, and has even served on a 527 group that smeared Obama with a nasty attack ad.

Watch the video below.

And yet Lieberman still holds a top rank within the Senate Democratic Caucus as chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. The Senate Democratic Steering Committee needs to know just how much of a conflict of interest this is. That's why we created Lieberman Must Go.

Here's what you can do: Sign our petition today and tell the Senate Democratic Steering Committee to strip Lieberman of his leadership role in Congress. Then, e-mail this video to everyone you know and spread it on sites like Digg and elsewhere.

Recently in Talking Points Memo, Josh Marshall suggested that the best way to limit Lieberman is by encouraging the Steering Committee to render him powerless in 2009. Lieberman must go, and you can make that happen by donating to Brave New Films today.

Robert Greenwald
and the Brave New Team


FISA Vote Tied to Telecom Donations. Supporters of the Spying Bill Received Twice the Contributions as Those Against It...but yet, those same people say it's to "save us from the terrorists"!

Chris Dodd’s Speech and a Glimmer of Hope for Stopping the FISA Bill; by Glenn Greenwald

Heat Waves: Burning Off the Fog of the FISA Fiasco

No One Is Safe (II): FISA Is Only the Prelude to Nightmare

H.R. 6304 Translated–What the FISA Compromise Really Means (cont)

(couple of thefts from 99)

Attention all Dickheads! OOPS! I mean Dittoheads!

Rush Limbaugh says Global Warming is a "hoax"...

...but wait! In today's paper, U.S. Intel says this: "WASHINGTON - Global warming probably will mean more illegal immigration and humanitarian disasters, undermining shaky governments and possibly expanding the terrorism threat against the U.S., intelligence agencies say."

U.S. Intel: Climate change linked to national security

Wow! So either Rush Limbaugh and Exxon are lying...or U.S. Intel is lying!

Below: Exxon's "Fat Bastard"...

The best Supreme Court $$$ can buy, let's let them drill in Anwar and on American shores, right? Look at this:

The Supreme Court handed corporate America a major victory Wednesday when it sharply reduced the amount of money Exxon Mobil has to pay in punitive damages for the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska. On Wednesday the Supreme Court cut the amount of punitive damages again and ordered Exxon Mobil to pay just $500 million in punitive damages – 1/10th of the original jury’s ruling.

Why is Scalia, and no other Supreme Court Justice (ever), always on TV, in print interviews, etc...always telling us his personal opinions about everything? And why is the corporate media complying with this? And only with Scalia? Anyone find this extremely "out of the ordinary"? Why is he so special to the corporate media?

The Un-American Lies of Antonin Scalia. It's time the American people fired the man who thinks himself 'too smart for the (Supreme) court'. Scalia has done it again. The architect of Bush v Gore, the disingenuous decision that stuck us with Bush, has stooped to yet another low. Scalia will tell bald faced lies to prop up his bullshit 'opinions'.


Above: Kim Jong Il, leader of North Korea.

Bush's "Axis of Evil" was Iraq, Iran, & North Korea. The only 1 of the 3 with "noo-KEY-lore" weapons is North Korea. They are also the only one with no oil.

President George W. Bush said Thursday he will lift key trade sanctions against North Korea and remove it from the U.S. terrorism blacklist, a remarkable turnaround in policy toward the communist regime he once branded as part of an "axis of evil."


Anti-War Soldier Jonathan Hutto: People, Not Politicians, Will End the War in Iraq. The author of Antiwar Soldier discusses the GI movement, the election and why "the military needs racism" to fight its wars.


From the Department of Damned-With-Faint-Praise, a group going by the regal-sounding name of the Presidential Memorial Commission of San Francisco is planning to ask voters here to change the name of a prize-winning water-treatment plant on the shoreline to the George W. Bush Sewage Plant.

San Francisco may name sewage treatment plant after Bush

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