Friday, June 27, 2008

Big Dan's Big News June 27, 2008

Rep. Dennis Kucinich, who has introduced measures to impeach George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, said Thursday that oil executives who secretly met with the vice president in 2001 should be held criminally liable for pushing an illegal war.

"In March of 2001, when the Bush Administration began to have secret meetings with oil company executives from Exxon, Shell and BP, spreading maps of Iraq oil fields before them, the price of oil was $23.96 per barrel. Then there were 63 companies in 30 countries, other than the US, competing for oil contracts with Iraq," the Ohio Democrat said during a speech on the House floor.

"Today the price of oil is $135.59 per barrel, the US Army is occupying Iraq and the first Iraq oil contracts will go, without competitive bidding to, surprise, (among a very few others) Exxon, Shell and BP."

Kucinich: 'We went to war for the oil companies'

Four Western oil companies are in the final stages of negotiations this month on contracts that will return them to Iraq, 36 years after losing their oil concession to nationalization as Saddam Hussein rose to power.

Exxon Mobil, Shell, Total and BP — the original partners in the Iraq Petroleum Company — along with Chevron and a number of smaller oil companies, are in talks with Iraq’s Oil Ministry for no-bid contracts to service Iraq’s largest fields, according to ministry officials, oil company officials and an American diplomat.

The deals, expected to be announced on June 30, will lay the foundation for the first commercial work for the major companies in Iraq since the American invasion, and open a new and potentially lucrative country for their operations.

Deals With Iraq Are Set to Bring Oil Giants Back

Special commentary by Big dan: "The truth is brutal. If you had a father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister, friend, or relative die in Iraq or Afghanistan, they died for the Bush administration's and PNAC's and Exxon and Big Oil's "Oil War". That's all it was about. They lied and tricked all of us into it, including me! They used 9/11 as a pretext for this oil war of lies. And it's a fact that they had this planned before 9/11. PNAC claimed that a 'Pearl Harbor Like Event' was needed to start this war. And then 9/11 'happened' to come along to speed things up. Ask yourself why right now we're forcing Iraq to sign over their oil to Exxon, Shell, BP, and Total, and what has that got to do with bringing freedom to Iraq? And why isn't this huge story being covered in the corporate-owned media who are part of huge conglomerate companies making huge profits off these wars! And why multi-millionaires like Rush Limbaugh and the corporate media are training you to make fun of truth-tellers like Dennis Kucinich! If you don't watch the video below, you shouldn't be allowed to vote!"

PNAC - Project for a New American Century


Rush Limbaugh politicizes George Carlin's death to promote his "Global Warming is a Hoax" propaganda. Limbaugh had 20 years to bring up this skit so a comedian (not a scientist) could back his argument. Limbaugh waits until Carlin dies to do this, because if he did this while George Carlin was alive, Carlin would've called him a "Big, Fat, Lying Nazi" and told him to "Suck my cock, Limbaugh!" How dare fascist Rush Limbaugh wait until George Carlin dies and then quote him as if he's on his side, and Carlin can't defend himself! George Carlin was the biggest counter-culture anti-war comedian, who absolutely hated people like Rush Limbaugh!

Rush Limbaugh: "George Carlin Took on the Arrogant, Environmental Left"

Attention Dickheads! Whoops! I mean Dittoheads! Here's the REAL George Carlin:



Earlier this week, WILK's Steve Corbett had what he called an "interview" with Republican one-trick-pony anti-illegal-immigration specialist Republican Lou Barletta, who's running against Democratic incumbent Paul Kanjorski. Corbett put up a big "goose egg", a "big fat fart", as far as interviewing skills go. He didn't ask Barletta anything about: health care, Barletta and the Republicans' stance on outlawing not just abortion but birth control, nothing about the Iraq War, nothing about the millions of dollars he cost Hazleton taxpayers with his "5 minutes of national fame" illegal immigration campaign, in fact he didn't ask him anything important. Basically, I think he just let Barletta speak and you can get the same information off Barletta's website. He asked Barletta ZERO challenging questions. Corbett is doing his best to keep the voters dumb. If you're looking for good interviewing skills to bring out the issues to make you a more informed voter, don't look to the Corbett show. Corbett is not radio disc-jockey material. He should've stuck to newspapers, where he was bad...not real bad! Maybe he's throwing the Mexicans under the bus, like he did to women!

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