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Big Dan's Big News June 29, 2008

How do you work this thing-uh-muh-jig??? Obama shouldn't have his finger on the button...

John McCain: "What's this thing, and how do you use it?"

McCain Staffer: "It's called a 'cellphone', Senator, you talk into it and people hear you."

John McCain: "A 'cell-'...what??? They have 'talkies' now??? I thought Bush 'n the Evangelicals banned stem-cellular research!!! Where am I??? Who's 'Senator McCain'???"

A laugh a minute! Funny news! Senile 71 year old man speaks into dead telephone for half an hour...WHOOPS!

...I mean, "John McCain gives half-hour speech into dead telephone" it's not so funny! This guy is running for president! SCAREY SHIT! IF HE HAS HIS HAND ON "THE BUTTON"!!! Hopefully, his hand remains on the button of a dead cellphone and not "the button"!

New Obama campaign strategy: Tell McCain he's president and he can stop campaigning...and give him a dead cellphone to give his acceptance speech... (just kidding)

Can you hear me now? Bedeviled by a bad cellphone connection, John McCain gives a conference call speech to dead air. But he gets a do-over.

John McCain: Not so good with the telephone

Christ! If Obama did this, CNN & FOX would interrupt their regular scheduling to cover it 24x7 like "Obama's Pastor"!!!

"Where am I???" Phil Hartman doing Ross Perot's VP Admiral James Stockdale. Dana Carvey as Perot. Too bad Hartman isn't still around, he could do "John McCain on a cellphone"...

Operations outside the knowledge and control of commanders have eroded “the coherence of military strategy,” one general says.

Phase II of the "Oil Wars": preparing the Battlefield. The Bush Administration steps up its secret moves against Iran. by Seymour M. Hersh

U.S. escalating covert operations against Iran: report
(h/t Sherlock Church)
The California Wild Fires:

Haze from a wildfire covers a scenic view of the Pacific coastline along Highway 1 north of Big Sur, Calif., Friday, June 27, 2008. Fire crews continue to fight the Basin Complex fire, which is burning in the Los Padres National Forest near the coastal town of Big Sur. (picture from Wired Magazine; BlueBear's personal photos are in the link below)

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) -- Hundreds of lightning-sparked wildfires have turned the air of Northern California into an unhealthy stew of smoke and ash, forcing the cancellation of athletic events and other outdoor activities.

Health advisories urging residents to stay indoors to limit exposure to the smokey air were issued Saturday from Bakersfield north to Redding, a distance of nearly 450 miles.

Air pollution readings in the region are two to 10 times the federal standard for clean air, said Dimitri Stanich, spokesman for the California Air Resources Board.

Some areas are experiencing the worst air quality on record, with the smoke hanging down to the ground like a fog.

Air quality agencies are especially concerned about small-particle pollution. The tiniest particles can penetrate past the body's immune defenses, traveling deep into the lungs and the bloodstream.

Smoky skies threaten health in fiery California

BlueBear (or BB2 as he sometimes refers to himself as...) often posts comments on Big Dan's Big Blog. He's from California and has snapped these pictures of the smoke situation he personally has to deal with. Click the link below to see BlueBear's pictures:

BlueBear's Photo Gallery Pictures of the California Wild Fires' Smoke

Flashback October 2007: Ca. Gov. Arnold Schwartzenegger tries to distract reporters from his veto of labelling cloned dressing as one of his movie characters "Mr. Freeze" from the Batman movies, and claims he put out the 2007 Ca. Wild Fires with his "Freeze Gun":

After Vetoing Bill To Label Cloned Food, California GOP Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger Addresses Media...Dressed As Mr. Freeze!

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